Nobel Biocare News has been reporting on advances in the field of implant-supported prosthetic solutions for twenty years now. In our very first issue, on the very first page (in what was then known as Nobelpharma News), we headlined how close ties between scientists and clinical researchers were essential to the success of the burgeoning enterprise that would come to be known as implant-based dentistry. This observation remains no less true today.

Kathleen Mattson’s dental restoration comprises a Trefoil system solution in her mandible and an All-on-4® treatment concept solution in her maxilla. She benefits from research and development supported by Nobel Biocare in an extremely practical way.

In her own words, “I not only hope, but feel confident, that the treatment is going to have a positive impact on every aspect of my life.”

Words like these have been recorded over and over again for patients benefitting from either the All-on-4® treatment concept or the Trefoil system—but never before from a single patient who has received both forms of treatment at the same time.

Mattson may be the first patient to benefit from both simultaneously, but she is unlikely to be the last. Thanks in no small part to outstanding clinical results, both the All-on-4® treatment concept and the Trefoil system continue to win over new clinicians and patients every day.

“Dr. Jivraj and Dr. Zarrinkelk, who worked on my case together, found an extraordinary solution that works very well for me.” — Kathleen Mattson, pictured above.

Not the paradox it seems

Nobel Biocare has proven itself to be a company of bold—yet scientifically reserved—professionals. Bold, in order to conceive and shepherd unconventional solutions to market; cautious, in order to be able to substantiate every claim they make as they deliver, and then support, a new product.

The results of this apparent dichotomy speak for themselves. Nobel Biocare has been first-to-market with such groundbreaking, scientifically supported innovations as the world’s first successful system of dental implants—the original Brånemark System—then the first digitally designed ceramic crowns; the first zygomatic implants; the first angled abutment; the introduction of proprietary cold-worked Grade 4 Titanium; the introduction of the TiUnite surface; the launch of the All-on-4® treatment concept; the often copied, yet never equaled NobelActive implant; not to mention the recent advent of the Trefoil system; and these are just a small selection of the many unprecedented steps forward taken by Nobel Biocare over the years.

Innovation as a lifestyle

In recent years, Nobel Biocare innovative thinking has been extended to promoting basic and applied science, continuing education and humanitarian projects.

The company-sponsored Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation, FOR, for instance, has developed a pioneering online platform for dental education and treatment support. Unlike others in this T&E space, FOR provides unlimited access to content created and reviewed by leading experts in the field of dentistry, and at no cost to the user.

Nobel Biocare supports FOR, its ideals, and our customers with a commitment to deliver more than promised in every mutual endeavor.

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Posted by Frederic Love