First came Brånemark System full-arch prostheses. Then came implant supported overdentures and zygomatic solutions for the maxilla. Procera prosthetic bridges revolutionized the esthetics of this burgeoning field, and the All-on-4® treatment concept was soon to follow, ushering implant-based therapy into the twenty-first century. Each of these was a groundbreaking advance in the struggle to tame edentulism. Nobel Biocare is now taking the next step forward.

Trefoil system

In a conversation I had with Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark for Swedish Television back in 1983, we discussed edentulism as a disability. “When you provide a toothless person with a new, bone-anchored dentition, you are not just restoring his or her smile, or even the ability to chew and speak without inhibition,” he said. “No, first and foremost you are restoring the patient’s dignity.”

According to Brånemark, all the things that we talked about in that conversation—smiling, speaking and eating with confidence—are all social activities at their core. Today the dental community agrees. You may be able to survive without teeth, but you are not going to be able to live well.

Trefoil redefines efficiency

Discover a new system for treating the edentulous mandible, called the Trefoil system. Think of it not as a replacement for other solutions from Nobel Biocare, but as yet another scientifically well-documented option for bringing the benefits of implant-based dentistry to new groups of potential patients.

At its most basic level, Trefoil consists of the first pre-manufactured bar with a passive fit. That’s big news in and of itself. Because this titanium bar facilitates the production of a definitive acrylic prosthesis, it saves time for both the clinician and the technician. Depending on individual clinical preferences—and contingent upon close collaboration with the lab—Trefoil is such an efficient solution that it can make Immediate Function routine, as it makes fixed and definitive teeth on the day of implant surgery an option for more patients.

Trefoil bar

From the clinician’s perspective

The Trefoil system manifests innovation aimed towards greater efficiency at every step, from the design and production of components to the definitive restoration. Compared to traditional modes of treatment with provisional prosthetics, the Trefoil system requires less chair time and provides shorter time-to-teeth by combining a pre-manufactured—yet versatile—titanium bar with:

  1. A simplified restorative workflow,
  2. A fixed and definitive acrylic prosthesis and
  3. Fewer restorative components.

The patient’s point-of-view

When patients discover that the Trefoil system may resolve the social and physiological issues they have been facing as denture wearers—and can provide a fixed and definitive prosthesis in short order—they are often profoundly impressed.

Nancy Rojo, a patient who was one of the first to be treated with Trefoil in Chile—as part of a five-year multi-center study—puts it this way: “With my old prosthesis I never had peace of mind because it moved. With Trefoil, I can laugh with my mouth open again!”

For a formerly edentulous woman, being able to laugh whole-heartedly again is not a trivial accomplishment—and it is certainly what Per-Ingvar Brånemark meant when he spoke about restoring dignity.

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Posted by Frederic Love