Dr. Rubén Davó is a lead trainer in the latest addition to our Training and Education program: Essentials of the Trefoil system. Since October 2017, he has trained over 100 clinicians, and explains why it is so crucial for this revolutionary full-arch solution.

Trefoil training by Dr. Davo

Professional education is a valuable supplement to the comprehensive education of academia. It is a gateway to professional and practice development, as well as providing access to the latest treatment innovations. This is epitomized by the new Trefoil system: An innovative new edentulous mandible rehabilitation created through unique engineering. Training is a crucial first step for professionals in seizing this opportunity for their practice, patients and skills.

Discovering a unique solution

Trefoil requires just three implants, and its titanium bar is premanufactured. What makes passive fit possible is the ingenious fixation mechanism that compensates for inherent deviations from ideal implant positions. Training and education is crucial to understand this design and engineering and the rationale behind the procedure. There are, of course, maximum levels of deviation that can be compensated, and the surgical protocol must be followed rigorously in order to achieve success.

Trefoil hands-on training

Procedural precision

In addition, the Trefoil system procedure includes template-based surgery. To achieve success, maintaining absolute respect for the drilling protocol is fundamental. It is a precise procedure, with a well-designed drilling protocol that must be totally respected to ensure the correct positioning of the three implants.

Also, as with all treatments, indication and contraindication are extremely important. Two important factors for Trefoil are bone volume at the anterior mandibular bone area and the interforaminal distance. At my practice, a significant majority of potential patients have met these requirements. And, in the first Trefoil clinical study, 68% required moderate bone levelling.1 This hands-on training and the presentation of a wide variation of clinical cases is extremely useful in understanding appropriate patient selection.

Is Trefoil right for you?

The Trefoil system is best suited to clinicians who already have experience in full-arch treatment. The training helps those looking to expand their treatment choice – it is the important first step towards becoming one of the first professionals to offer this innovation. Trefoil training courses are a practical guide: hands-on, plus demonstrations and clinical-case videos. The course covers the surgical and restorative protocols, but I would also recommend the attendance of dental technicians.

In conclusion, the Trefoil system is a new addition to a range of full-arch solutions, created to help you treat more patients better.

Trefoil training with participants

Dr Riz Syed and Dr Mark Diacono getting hands-on at Essentials of the Trefoil system, Frankfurt, Germany. The course was led by Dr. Rubén Davó.

“I’m very happy to be at this training, getting a great insight into using the Trefoil system. Dr. Davó gave useful demonstrations in these very precise procedures. After getting hands on with Trefoil a few times, and watching fellow delegates do the same, it became much easier. I see a future for Trefoil in my treatment.” Dr. Riz Syed

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