Integrated treatment workflow

Get predictable results in less time and increase efficiency throughout the entire treatment process

Increase treatment efficiency

NobelConnect helps to connect different workflow steps and thereby saves you time and additional patient visits.

Collaborate more efficiently with your treatment partners and achieve predictable results in less time. The integrated treatment workflow connects NobelClinician, the NobelProcera 2G System and NobelGuide to provide you with a seamless process from diagnosis to restoration.

Why connect?

What's in it for me as a clinician?

Increase treatment efficiency

Connecting each step with the integrated workflow offers reliable results in less time. From clinical diagnostics to implant placement, each step is seamlessly linked by the NobelConnect network. Just select the steps you need for a successful treatment.

Communicate convincingly

The NobelClinician Communicator iPad® app helps you present the treatment plan to your patient and treatment partners in a way that's easy to understand. 

Predict the treatment outcome

The workflow's integrated approach makes it possible to achieve the functional and esthetic outcome you had planned and avoid unwanted surprises. You'll also be able to better estimate the full treatment cost in advance.

Plan your treatment from anywhere, anytime

Imagine being able to access your data or easily and securely share your treatment plan with colleagues and partners from anywhere. With NobelConnect, your planning information is securely stored and available in the office, at home and while traveling.

What's in it for me as a lab?

Get new business opportunities

Over 7000 clinicians use the NobelClinician Software to diagnose and plan their implant surgeries. Don't miss the chance to work with them. Offer high-precision model scan data digitally to NobelClinician users through the secure online platform, NobelConnect.

Be an indispensable treatment partner

Connect with clinicians through the NobelProcera 2G System and participate in the treatment planning to achieve the common prosthetic goal. By providing the soft tissue and diagnostic tooth setup information, you're an important stakeholder in a treatment workflow that clinicians don't want to miss out on.

Boost your lab productivity

The smart technology platform boosts your lab productivity and capacity through efficient and integrated workflows. It offers direct access to a wide range of restorative solutions for business growth.


Evaluate your patient situation in a detailed 3D view

Take a standard (CB)CT scan of the complete dental arch and evaluate the clinical situation together with clinical photos in NobelClinician. Inform your patient about the estimated total treatment cost and get their acceptance before you make further investments.

Collect prosthetic information with one click

With a simple click in NobelClinician, you can request a precise model scan from your NobelProcera lab and get detailed soft tissue information for optimal treatment planning. Would you like to visualize the prosthetics as well? Then simply request a scan of the diagnostic tooth setup.

Create your treatment plan with all available information

Import the model scan from your lab to NobelClinician and you'll immediately be able to visualize all necessary clinical and prosthetic information in 3D. NobelClinician helps you plan your implants precisely based on reality. You also get the chance to see what a patient-specific surgical template would look like.

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Easily share and explain your treatment plan

Collaboration with treatment partners is crucial to a successful outcome. That's why we've made it easy to share and discuss the treatment plan. The NobelClinician Communicator iPad® app is ideal for helping your patients understand the planned treatment.

Experience highly predictable implant placement

Place implants precisely with a custom-manufactured surgical template that is unique to your treatment plan. Choose between guided pilot drilling and fully guided implant insertion. Benefit from top quality, high accuracy and prompt delivery every time.

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