NobelProcera dental CAD/CAM system

The NobelProcera System combines precision scanning and intuitive design, extensive services and high-end industrial production

Scan, design and produce – all with NobelProcera

NobelProcera dental CAD-CAM system for individualized prosthetics

Welcome to your one-stop shop for dental restorations that make you stand out. NobelProcera offers a highly precise scanner, easy-to-use design software and high-end production in one integrated system. The result? Perfectly fitting restorations that are designed to last a lifetime.

Introducing the NobelProcera CAD/CAM System

NobelProcera 2G Scanner for individualized prosthetics

Scan all cases with high accuracy

Want to save time and process more cases? With the NobelProcera Scanner, you can. It scans everything from single dies to full-arch models accurately and efficiently. Need to scan a wax-up or a denture? No problem. The unique optical scanning technology can handle all these tasks and much more. Plus, it lets you and your colleagues spend less time scanning and more time doing what matters most: building the business.

NobelDesign Software for abutments, implant bridges, crowns and bridges on natural teeth

Create NobelProcera restorations using intuitive CAD tools

The new NobelDesign Software combines powerful CAD tools by exocad™ with intuitive workflows. Efficiently design crowns, abutments and implant bridges and benefit from business-building support from Nobel Biocare. 

NobelProcera individualized abutments, bars, implant bridges, crowns and bridges on natural teeth

Receive unrivaled prosthetics

Predictability with high-quality materials, straightforward procedures and precision engineered results. For added peace of mind, all NobelProcera products come with an authenticity label for your case documentation and a five-year warranty.

Discover NobelProcera Production

Get a demonstration of the NobelProcera System

Get a free demonstration

Would you like more information? Contact us for a demonstration of the latest NobelProcera System. Let us show you how the NobelProcera System can make your laboratory stand out from the rest.

Why a NobelProcera dental CAD/CAM system?

Full automation with the NobelProcera 2G System

Boost your lab’s productivity

Get more return with less effort. The NobelProcera System digitizes your models quickly with minimal user intervention. Intuitive workflows and tools will help you quickly and efficiently design your restorations with NobelDesign software.

NobelProcera 2G Scanner - accurate scanning for perfectly fitting restorations

Receive perfectly fitting restorations. Every time.

Remakes are expensive. That's why the NobelProcera System uses a specific scan process for each product type. Together with unique conoscopic technology, this ensures high scanning precision to prevent costly errors.

Strengthen your role in the treatment team with the NobelProcera 2G System

Strengthen your role in the treatment team

Play an even bigger role in patient treatment and seize new business opportunities with the NobelProcera System. Being able to digitize model surface information such as soft tissue and diagnostic tooth setup means you can be involved right from the planning stage. What's more, it also means you can prevent prosthetic challenges occurring at a later stage.

Discover the integrated treatment workflow

Receive support for your NobelProcera System

We make sure, your system works for you

Producing unrivaled restorations is what we do. So it goes without saying that we want you to get the most out of your NobelProcera System. Partner with Nobel Biocare and gain access to hands-on training seminars, live and on-demand webinars and other programs which help you hone your skills and adapt new products and solutions. Our knowledgeable local sales representative and technical support are on hand whenever you have a question.

Visualize the exact product you will receive with the NobelProcera System

Get peace of mind with predictable and reliable products

With the NobelProcera System, what you see is what you get. Using built-in material and production parameters, the software will alert you if your design doesn't meet the minimum requirements for longevity and product performance.

NobelProcera milling machines

Get full access to NobelProcera Production

It's only with the NobelProcera System that you gain full access to NobelProcera Production for all your products – and all the benefits that come with it. What's more, you don't need to search for a production facility able to mill your restoration because production that ensures optimal product quality is already in place, anytime.

Discover the benefits of NobelProcera Production

NobelProcera business support

Outshine your competitors with our value-adding services

Increasing case flow will help you get the most from your NobelProcera System. That’s why we offer additional services that help you attract new customers and increase the business you do with your existing ones. Take your business to the next level with our wide range of customizable and ready-to-go marketing materials, communication tools and web services.

Discover our value-adding services

NobelProcera System in lab

Easy to integrate, quick to master

Get all the advantages of NobelProcera restorations without changing your daily routine. Even if you haven’t worked with CAD/CAM before, it’s easy to make the transition. With digital wax-up workflows and virtual wax tools supported by the NobelProcera System, there’s no need to abandon your usual procedures.



Thomas Wade, CDT, US

"Broad and comprehensive technical support is very important and helpful. Constant improvement and upgrading in software design technology is paramount in keeping a cutting-edge advantage over competition. Meticulous quality control, especially as it relates to passivity of fit and finish, all but eliminates remakes, saving time, effort and money. In short, a discerning laboratory that is intent on creating proper prosthesis, can very much appreciate the advantages of the NobelProcera technology."

Greg Sederlin about the NobelProcera 2G System

Greg Sederlin, Cal Ceram Dental Lab Inc., CA

"The difference between looking at the moon through your eyes and looking at the moon through the Hubble Telescope."

Watch the full interview with Greg Sederlin

Chuck Genco about the NobelProcera 2G System

Chuck Genco, Van Hook Dental Studio, US

“Less hands-on technician time so our technicians are more efficient and can work with other things while the scanning is in progress.”

Watch the full interview with Chuck Genco

Davide Riva about the NobelProcera 2G System

Davide Riva, CDT, Italy

"The scanner can work with an angulation that allows it to read every part of the model – even when you have a difficult scan situation"

Watch the full interview with Davide Riva

What's the price?

How much is the NobelProcera CAD-CAM System

Get your individualized offer

Let our specialists work with you to create a tailored plan for your lab's development. Together, we’ll identify opportunities for your business. You decide the case volumes you want to achieve and we’ll develop a quote for the system. Just ask your local Nobel Biocare representative for an individualized proposal.



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