About us

Nobel Biocare offers around 3000 products, all designed to help you treat more patients better. Are that many really necessary? Do we need to develop different implant designs, each of them available in various diameters and lengths? We think so. In fact, we’re going to continue to improve and expand our offering.

From root to tooth

Whether your patients are missing a single tooth in the posterior, demand a highly esthetic anterior restoration, or need a full-arch restoration in order to speak and eat properly again, we have the products you need to treat them. 

We offer implants for all indications and preferences – with straight and tapered designs, with machined and textured collars, and with three different connections. We have both prefabricated temporary and final abutments, as well as individualized CAD/CAM prosthetics.

From final abutments and screw-retained crowns to fixed and fixed-removable multiple-unit and full-arch restorations, we’ve got everything you need for optimized function and esthetics. We also have a complete range of instruments and tools to help you carry out all treatment steps safely and efficiently.

The answer to bone and tissue regeneration

The answer to bone and tissue regeneration

The release of our creos xenoprotect membrane in 2014 marked the launch of a new range of products for guided bone and tissue regeneration. It’s easy to stretch and suture, and provides reliable tissue healing as well as outstanding handling, saving you valuable time.

The digital solution for diagnostics

NobelClinician Software

The unique technology of our NobelClinician Software combines hard and soft tissue information, visualizing everything you need for optimized treatment planning. Accurate and user-friendly, it’s designed to predict treatment outcomes, shorten surgery time and – when used as a patient communication tool – improve treatment acceptance rates.