Comprehensive referral management for your practice

What is LeadingReach?

LeadingReach, as a partner with Nobel Biocare, offers a HIPAA secure, web-based referral management platform designed to optimize workflow. This software solution makes sending a referral to your office easier for you, your referring offices, and the patient – maximizing referral revenue, and bringing the entire treatment team together quickly, conveniently, and efficiently. Leading Reach combines three valuable forms of marketing with email, phone and web video campaigns to activate your referral network.

How does LeadingReach help my practice grow?

Paper, fax, and phone-based referral management could be costing you money – a lot of money. LeadingReach allows your office to see when referring offices are sending patients your way and improves the chances that the patient makes and keeps an appointment with your office. Know with only a few clicks the health of your referral network and the value they bring to your practice.

LeadingReach comprehensive referral management

A better way to manage your patient pipeline

What you get with LeadingReach

Nobel Biocare and LeadingReach are committed to enabling you to optimize your referral network through the following:

A better patient experience: Deliver the right information at the right time during the patient life cycle

Fewer patient cancellations: Streamline scheduling and communication process with patients prior to appointments

Improved coordination of care: Simplify sending/receiving patient records. Strengthen referral relationships and increase volume

Performance measurement: Track referral trends and drive corporate initiatives- measure real time/daily/weekly/ monthly referral metrics and patient engagement levels

Operational efficiency: Establish, benchmark, measure and improve Referral-to-Appointment Ratio (RTA%)

Growth strategy: Increase patient acquisition rates, maximize referral revenue and overall patient volume

* LeadingReach internal research
Note: Data in patient pipeline graphic based on LeadingReach materials