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Take your skills in the All-on-4® treatment concept to the next level

NobelPro Line addresses the most challenging cases with the All-on-4® treatment concept. Join the global community of NobelPro Line™ qualified professionals.

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Expand your treatment options in moderate to severe bone resorption; choose from our extensive range of product options from NobelParallel CC and NobelSpeedy to NobelZygoma implants, NobelProcera implant bridges, bars and a full range of Multi-unit Abutments.


Expand your abilities in edentulous cases through training individually tailored for your professional needs. Through our three-stage program, gain confidence, support and skills to become prepared for your first complex cases.


Throughout the NobelPro Line program, a dedicated mentor will support your progression and provide guidance with real-life cases. You will also visit your mentor’s practice and learn from their expertise in action.


Adapt for your patients

From common to severe resorption cases, you have an opportunity like no other to treat challenging edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous cases with NobelPro Line, a selection of existing products and training for advanced users of the All-on-4® treatment concept. Choose from a wide assortment of options from NobelSpeedy, NobelParallel CC and NobelZygoma implants, NobelProcera bars and a full range of Multi-unit Abutments and accessories to help you master even the most challenging cases.

Maximize primary stability

The implants NobelSpeedy and NobelZygoma are designed to maximize primary stability and support immediate loading protocols.1-6

Range of connections

Benefit from a range of internal and external connections for more treatment options.

Wide range of components

Choose from a wide range of implants, abutments, instruments and laboratory components.

Special apex for bicortical anchorage

NobelSpeedy and NobelZygoma are designed with a special apex, which allows for underpreparation and bicortical anchorage.1-6

Benefit from our NobelProcera service

Avoid expensive issues associated with production equipment, maintenance or stock. Instead, use our centralized production and get quality products with precision of fit.

"NobelPro Line is a group of products and training that allow more experienced professionals to treat more complex cases. For example, cases with soft bone, extremely soft bone, reduced bone height, reduced bone thickness and other situations that most implants do not allow.  NobelPro Line is the most comprehensive line in the market today."

NobelZygoma - The implant for severe resorption in maxillary bone

Discover NobelZygoma, the implant that anchors in the zygomatic bone. It is the ideal implant system for an immediate loading protocol with graftless treatment that also offers prosthetic versatility. This dramatically shortens time-to-teeth for increased patient satisfaction.6

Shorten treatment

Avoid bone-grafting procedures with NobelZygoma implants, which anchor in the zygomatic bone.

Gain surgical and prosthetic flexibility

Benefit from the implant body design with lengths ranging from 30 mm to 52.5 mm and either a straight neck or 45° angulation, all with an external hex connection.

Obtain high primary stability for Immediate Function

Provide patients with a fixed provisional prosthesis immediately after surgery.* Multi-cortical anchorage and the proven apex design allow for high primary stability.6

100% success rate6 with NobelZygoma 45°

Short treatment time7-9 and low complication rates10

98.2% long-term survival rate with zygomatic implants11**


NobelSpeedy - Achieve high primary stability, even in soft bone

With its slightly tapered body, NobelSpeedy is designed to maximize primary stability and support immediate loading protocols. The sharp apex cuts through grafted or locally dense bone and allows for underpreparation and bicortical anchorage.1-5

Exceptional versatility

Complete range of implant diameters and lengths, including narrow diameter and short implants, for all bone types and loading protocols.

Optimized for thin marginal soft tissue

External hex connection offers short crown-to-first-thread with 6 to 12 abutment positions (depending on the abutment).

High primary stability

High primary stability in soft bone due to the slightly tapered body and tapered apex, which allow for underpreparation and bicortical anchorage.1-5

Well-documented implant

The original and widely documented implant for the All-on-4® treatment concept for edentulous patients.12-14

“NobelSpeedy has revolutionized Immediate Function by consistently delivering high insertion torques and high success rates. In addition, the drilling protocol is short and very straightforward.“

Take the next step

Watch this online course "The All-on-4® treatment concept" at your convenience. Created to help you implement this concept in your practice, this introductory course is designed for surgeons, restorative dentists, general practitioners and their teams.


Find a course in full-arch rehabilitation



Clinical cases



See Instructions For Use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions. 

*Loading with a provisional fixed restoration on the day of surgery is possible provided patient criteria are met and adequate implant stability is achieved.  
**with TiUnite surface

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