Our communities

Our communities

Be inspired, empowered and supported

Welcome to Nobel Biocare’s community portal. This is a space where you can discover organizations, networks and working groups to support your professional development in oral rehabilitation and implant dentistry. Joining a community allows you to learn from peers and mentors, overcome adversity, stay motivated and discover the many benefits of working in synergistic, collaborative environments.

The communities featured on this page share many values with Nobel Biocare. They have also been selected for their transformative impact in the personal and professional lives of clinicians and dental professionals. By building connections with individuals with a shared sense of purpose, we hope you will discover the true strength of community isn’t just in the knowledge and skills acquired, but in the encouragement and collective wisdom exchanged.

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Professionals in Dentistry Esthetic Group (PiD EG)

The female dental network

Founded in 2006, the Professionals in Dentistry Esthetic Group (PiD EG) serves as a comprehensive platform for female dentists and dental students, offering the latest in science, training and education. The group focuses on empowering and inspiring dental professionals through tailored educational programs, access to Nobel Biocare specialists and networking opportunities. Members benefit from lifelong professional partnerships, coaching and mentorship programs. PiD EG is also a secure space to connect, share experiences and help make implant dentistry a more inclusive field for female professionals around the world.

Professionals in Dentistry Esthetic Group (PiD EG)
All on 4 treatment concept

All-on-4® Centers of Excellence

The All-on-4® Center of Excellence program recognizes practices that demonstrate high expertise and experience with the All-on-4® treatment concept. Practices recognized as an All-on-4® Center of Excellence have also shown commitment to success by using original components to ensure quality is greater than the sum of its parts. By becoming an All-on-4® Center of Excellence, your practice will be easily reachable by prospective patients through the “Locate an All-on-4® Center of Excellence” feature on the Nobel Biocare website. You will also be part of a community committed to upholding the highest standards in full arch rehabilitation procedures.
Would you like to be considered as an All-on-4® Center of Excellence? Apply today by clicking the link below.

Our LEADers: Lead Experts in Advanced Dentistry

Nobel Biocare works with top experts from around the world. Together, we form a network of world-class dental professionals, clinicians, scientists and technicians. By joining LEAD, you will be helping to drive the future of implantology, uncovering the ever-growing needs of practices, labs and patients. Partnering with the LEAD dental community will enable you to offer the most productive, predictable treatments possible.

Our LEADers
FOR - Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation

Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR)

FOR is a global, non-profit organization advocating science, education and humanity in oral rehabilitation. It offers hundreds of learning resources for dental professionals: More than 300 video lectures from leading experts. Almost 100 clinical case documentations. Interactive ebooks and epapers. State-of-the-art treatment guidelines. And much more. Completely free of charge.