Digital treatment planning – NobelClinician

The user-friendly solution for diagnostics, treatment planning and patient communication

NobelClinician Software and the NobelClinician Communicator iPad® app.

The user-friendly solution for diagnostics

NobelClinician Software and the NobelClinician Communicator iPad® app.

Experience a truly visual way to achieve optimal treatment results. NobelClinician is a user-friendly solution for diagnostics, treatment planning and patient communication. It uses state-of-the-art technologies to help dental professionals improve all aspects of dental implant treatment.

Why NobelClinician?

Expand your network

Involve your referring dentists at the start of your treatment process by using NobelClinician’s visual communication tools including the NobelClinician Communicator app and NobelClinician Viewer.

Predict treatment outcomes

Avoid surprises during the treatment process through careful diagnosis and treatment planning. Estimate the cost before starting the procedure.

Shorten surgery time

Reduce time spent in surgery with careful treatment planning. The automated report quickly summarizes your treatment plan, helping you brief your team and prepare the right components and surgical tooling.

Increase practice efficiency

Unlock your team‘s potential with the NobelClinicianPractice Setup. Involve your co-workers to focus on thepatient‘s needs. Multiple installations and user profiles,simple patient data backup, that you can access fromany computer in the practice all promote collaboration.

Gain more treatment acceptance

Effectively communicate with your patients and explain your treatment plan clearly and convincingly with the NobelClinician Communicator iPad® app. Download it now from the Apple® App Store.

Work on your preferred computer

NobelClinician Software works on Mac OS® and Windows® with the same look and feel, file format and functionalities.

Major implant systems available for planning

The ideal implant placement can be determined based on bone quantity and quality, critical anatomical structures and prosthetic needs. NobelClinician warns you when implants are placed too close to annotated nerves or tooth roots.

Ease of use

NobelClinician follows an intuitive and user-friendly workflow. In addition, its built-in assistant called Oscar guides you through the entire planning process.

Would you like to learn more about NobelClinician's main features and benefits? Then watch our training movies.

Watch our NobelClinician training movies

Visualize what you need to see

Combine hard and soft tissue information thanks to NobelClinician’s SmartFusion technology. 

Work together with your lab technician

The unique SmartFusion technique combines 3D X-ray data from your (CB)CT scanner with surface data from the NobelProcera 2G System.


Easy access and file sharing

Access your patient data online from all locations via NobelConnect.

NobelConnect also lets you share your treatment plan with treatment partners or colleagues in the same practice or elsewhere, and you can easily track the feedback they provide.

Develop your network

Collaborate with other NobelClinician users and involve your dental technician, the dentist who referred the patient and your radiologist in your treatment planning.

You can also share a treatment plan for review with a non-NobelClinician user using the NobelClinician Viewer.

The NobelClinician Viewer

Be involved in every treatment

Review patient treatment plans securely through the online NobelConnect network by downloading the free NobelClinician Viewer for Mac or Win.

You can then work with all treatment partners to identify the best possible treatment for your patients. What's more, you'll be able to give your patients a more accurate cost estimate.

Use different diagnostic tools

The recipient of the treatment plan can view it in both 2D and 3D and has access to various pre-defined workspaces.

View the training movie for the NobelClinician Viewer

Prosthetic accuracy

Place implants where they can be restored to achieve high esthetics and function. NobelClinician allows for implant placement based on the complete picture, respecting both anatomical and prosthetic considerations. 

With the NobelClinician Viewer, all involved treatment partners are aware of the plan, and the patient’s carefully assessed anatomy, prior to treatment.

Get a feel for the NobelClinician Viewer

View demo cases using the NobelClinician Viewer.

Download the partially edentulous mandible demo or the All-on-4® treatment concept demo.

Note: the demo files are examples only and their sole purpose is to demonstrate the functionality of the NobelClinician Viewer.

Get started

Before you install NobelClinician Viewer, download the installation instructions and ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements:

  • Windows® 7 or 8; Mac OS® X Mountain Lion or Mavericks
  • Intel® Core™ 2 processor 1.5GHz or faster
  • Graphics card: preferably with high 3D performance e.g. NVIDIA® or ATI Radeon™
  • 1GB RAM or more
  • Internet connection

Download installation instructions

Demo videos

SmartFusion technology

Combine hard and soft tissue information with NobelClinician’s SmartFusion technology.

Watch video

Accurate implant planning

Accurate diagnostics and treatment planning thanks to a combination of 2D and 3D views.

Watch video

All-on-4® treatment concept

Restoration of an edentulous jaw with four implants. 

Watch video

What users say

Prof. Alessandro Pozzi from Italy explains why his decision making process has changed due to the NobelClinician Software.

Dr. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy

"With NobelClinician, my decision-making process has completely changed. I can focus on patient-oriented implant treatment by using a minimally invasive approach and thereby achieve low morbidity, high accuracy and outstanding esthetic results in the long run."

Watch video

Dr. Edmond Bedrossian from the USA explains why he uses NobelClinician pre- and post-operatively.

Dr. Edmond Bedrossian, USA

"Emphasis should be placed on diagnostics. I also use NobelClinician post-operatively in order to see if I actually did execute what I thought I was going to execute."

Watch video

Dr. George Dullo from the USA explains why he likes the NobelConnect functionality.

Dr. George Duello, USA

"I like the ability to share my planning with my colleagues online. Or better yet I upload my files and work with my computer anywhere I want: while having coffee in the morning, at home in the evening or on my computer at the office."

Watch video

Dr. Peter Moy from the USA explains why he uses NobelClinician for patient communication.

Dr. Peter Moy, USA

“I also use NobelClinician as a teaching tool for our patients. Showing the diagnostic capabilities to the patient really helps them see the problems that are associated with their deficient jaws.”

Dr. Peter Wöhrle from the USA explains why he likes the NobelClinician  Communicator iPad® app.

Dr. Peter Wöhrle, USA

"The NobelClinician Communicator is a great communication tool to explain your treatment to the patient.”



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