DTX Studio™ design software

Benefit from workflow efficiency and create unrivaled restorations

DTX Studio design software

Introducing DTX Studio design software, previously known as NobelDesign. It offers improved laboratory-clinician collaboration, prosthetic design and production, still with the same intuitive user experience and access to the latest NobelProcera restorations. 

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DTX Studio design software – Nobel Biocare

Collaborate from the start 

DTX Studio design software offers laboratories enhanced collaboration and data sharing. You will be able to provide temporary restorations to your clinicians with efficient turnaround times, helping them to achieve shorter time-to-teeth. Having access to detailed patient case data allows you to design restorations the way you prefer; and the more information there is the easier it is to create a precise restoration. It is also easy to stay up to date in case there are changes along the way.

Creating outstanding restorations made easy

Enjoy powerful CAD tools with intuitive workflows and an interface that supports the way you work.

The software is easy to use and guides you through the workflows in a logical order, following a simple design process. This allows less experienced technicians to create high-quality designs; more advanced technicians benefit from powerful design tools for challenging cases. Design flexibility allows you to jump back and forth during the design process to ensure an optimum final outcome.


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NobelProcera Bridge - full-contour zirconia

NobelProcera restorations in full-contour zirconia

The NobelProcera range of high-quality, precision-engineered full-contour zirconia restorations covers crowns, bridges, implant crowns and now also implant bridges. The new NobelProcera Implant Bridge comes in multilayered full-contour zirconia with an angulated screw channel, helping you to quickly create results that impress.

  • Minimize the risk of chipping, remakes and stress.
  • Optimize esthetics and occlusal access with an angulated screw channel.
  • Save time and avoid issues associated with residual cement by choosing a screw-retained solution.

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TempShell solution

TempShell solution – individualized provisionals produced in-lab 

Discover TempShell, a new and innovative alternative to widen your CAD product offering to clinicians. It is an individualized provisional created with the new collaborative workflow between the NobelClinician and DTX Studio design software.

Receive the restorative plan, finalize the provisional design and share it easily with the clinician as needed. Produce the TempShell by exporting the stl files for in-lab production and provide the provisional to the clinician for the day of surgery. The clinician can then finalize the provisional chairside with the Temporary Snap Abutment.

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