Temporary abutments

A complete selection from single units to full arches

A reliable solution for temporary restorations

Placed Healing Abutment with four-month delayed loading protocol for soft tissue graft maturation. Clinical case courtesy of Dr. Egon Euwe, Italy.

Achieve immediate esthetics and function with versatile temporary abutments that can be combined with all Nobel Biocare implant systems and their respective prosthetic connections. For situations where immediate temporization is not indicated, healing abutments and cover screws are also available.

Why temporary abutments from Nobel Biocare?

Provide a predictable clinical outcome

Every Nobel Biocare abutment is precision engineered and thoroughly validated for the best possible interface. This, together with precise production, ensures that each abutment works perfectly with the implant it was designed for.

Discover a solution for all loading protocols

From single units to full arches, you can provisionalize the implants for immediate esthetics and function using our temporary abutments. Healing abutments and cover screws are also available where immediate temporization is not indicated.

Receive a certified and verified solution

Every Nobel Biocare Abutment is CE-marked, FDA cleared1 as appropriate and fulfills all requirements for a medical device. We fatigue-test our abutments and screws according to ISO 14801.

Benefit from implant platform versatility

All abutments and components are designed to work with Nobel Biocare implant systems and their respective prosthetic connections.

Achieve a secure fit

Nobel Biocare abutments all have a dedicated clinical screw that has been optimized for the implant-abutment system that it’s part of. Depending on the abutment, connection type and platform size, screws come with or without a surface coating. This ensures every single abutment has the optimized preload, which is the tensile force created when tightening the screw. The result is a consistently tight and stable fit between implant and abutment.

Rest assured with an extensive warranty

All prefabricated abutments are covered by a lifetime product warranty.


Three prosthetic connections

Enjoy prosthetic versatility

Our systems come with one of three connections. Each one offers unique features and benefits for different clinical situations.

Internal conical connection

  • Advanced connection with hexagonal interlocking
  • Built-in platform shifting for natural-looking esthetics
  • Color-coded for accurate and fast identification
  • Six abutment positions
  • For NobelActive, NobelParallel CC and NobelReplace CC implants

Internal tri-channel connection

  • Get access to the large pool of trained restorative clinicians who prefer the tri-channel connection
  • Highly tactile feel with three abutment positions that easily click in place
  • Color-coded for accurate and fast identification
  • For NobelReplace, Replace Select and NobelSpeedy Replace implants

External hex connection

Which temporary abutment?

Healing Abutment

  • Helps to shape soft-tissue for the final restoration
  • Made of surgical grade titanium alloy
  • Available in a variety of heights and diameters

Slim Healing and Slim Temporary Abutment

  • The Slim Healing Abutment is designed to maximize space for soft tissue grafting and support esthetic results
  • The Slim Temporary Abutment gives increased space for the mucosa when a temporary crown is in place
  • The Implant Driver replicates the shape and height of the Slim Temporary Abutment and aids situational awareness during implant placement
  • The Slim Abutments are suitable for restorations in the anterior 
  • Available for implants with conical connection

Healing and Temporary Abutments Anatomical PEEK

  • For single-unit restorations in the posterior
  • PEEK material allows for easy chairside modifications
  • White color for natural-looking esthetics
  • Anatomically shaped to match the contours of the molars, meaning fewer shape adjustments and an optimized emergence profile in less time

Immediate Temporary Abutment

  • For cement-retained temporary single units
  • Consists of two parts: abutment and plastic coping
  • Engaging anti-rotational upper portion design facilitates immediate temporization of single units
  • Can be used with Immediate Function, avoiding second-stage procedure and saving time for clinician and patient

QuickTemp Abutment Conical

  • For cement-retained temporary multiple units
  • Consists of two parts: abutment and plastic coping with retentive rings
  • Can be used with Immediate Function, avoiding a second-stage procedure and saving time for clinician and patient
  • Decreasing angulation of non-engaging abutment cone optimizes restorations with divergent implants

Temporary Abutment Engaging and Non-Engaging

  • For screw-retained single- and multiple-unit restorations
  • For restorations at implant and Multi-unit Abutment level
  • Available in titanium and plastic with retentive grooves to engage acrylic temporary materials
  • Extended length designed for customization according to clinical requirements

Cover screw

For two-stage procedures.

1 Slim Healing and Temporary Abutments are not FDA cleared and not released for sale in the US/ Canada.