NobelProcera fixed-removable implant restorations

Maximize your restorative flexibility with patient-specific implant bars for fixed-removable solutions

NobelProcera bars for fixed-removable overdentures

Benefit from a highly efficient treatment concept

NobelProcera Milled Bar in mandible

Want to avoid bone augmentation and soft tissue regeneration? Then NobelProcera fixed-removable implant solutions can be an efficient solution. Implant-supported overdentures result in higher patient satisfaction than soft-tissue-supported dentures.1 With NobelProcera you receive the precision needed for success and longevity.

Why NobelProcera fixed-removable solutions?

Fit of NobelProcera Implant Bar Overdenture on Straumann Std-Std Plus and Straumann Bone Level

Receive exceptional quality when it's indispensable

Precision of fit is critical to the success and longevity of multi-unit implant restorations. A forced fit can concentrate stress on one or more implants, which can cause the implant, screw or restoration to fracture. It can even trigger biological complications like bone loss or bacteria penetration. Thanks to the accurate scan data from the NobelProcera System and our engineering, material and production expertise, you don’t need to worry about fit. We’ve got it covered.2

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Nobel Biocare All-on-4 case with high bone and soft tissue loss

Efficiently cater for cases with high bone and soft tissue loss

Fixed-removable solutions are an alternative to bone and soft tissue augmentation as they allow you to move the transition line to a non-visible area. Not only will this save you time and money, you don't have to worry about whether regenerative procedures succeed either. On top of that you can offer your patients a faster and less painful treatment option.


Grow your case flow

Sooner or later, denture wearers come back with issues. Over time it becomes increasingly difficult to make adaptations to the denture. Wouldn't you like to focus on the work that adds more value to your patients and to your business? Offer to swap the removable denture for a solution that feels like natural teeth. With a potential demand of more than 300 million patients worldwide3, fixed-removable solutions are a great chance to grow your business.

Satisfy various clinical and budgetary needs with NobelProcera fixed removable solutions

Satisfy various clinical and budgetary needs

NobelProcera Implant Bars can be used with any number of implants from two to twelve. The design flexibility and full range of bar types allow you to ensure the optimal solution for all clinical situations. Place different retentive elements anywhere on the bar for optimal retention of the overdenture. What's more, you can offer cost-effective solutions by reusing existing dentures.

Broken soldered bar

Reduce the risk of costly remakes

Milled from solid titanium or zirconia monoblocs, NobelProcera Implant Bars ensure long-term stability. With the one-piece framework, you avoid any weakness that can creep in because of soldering or laser welding. The high-strength material reduces the risk of extension breakage4,5, while using CAD/CAM instead of conventional casting helps ensure superior passive fit.2

Nobel Biocare All-on-4

Maximize your potential in the growing world of All-on-4®

Nobel Biocare’s pioneering All-on-4® treatment concept allows for exceptionally short treatment times and cost savings. At the same time it rapidly improves the patients’ quality of life. NobelProcera restorations offer the precision of fit and stability needed to achieve these benefits.

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Nobel Biocare -  a one stop shop for bars and components

Make your life easy with a one-stop-shop

Conveniently access all relevant components directly from Nobel Biocare whether it's screwdrivers or retrieval instruments. Separate orders are a thing of the past as you’ll receive your restorations, retentive elements and screws in one package.

NobelProcera Warranty and Authenticity labels

Get peace of mind with an extensive warranty

We believe in the quality of the whole system – implants, screws and bar. That's why our warranty covers the bar and the implants, including implants not from Nobel Biocare. And you can impress your patients by providing the exclusive patient guarantee card you receive with every NobelProcera Implant Bar. But don’t forget, the lifetime warranty on your Nobel Biocare implants voids when using restorations that aren’t from Nobel Biocare.

NobelProcera restorations are all tested and validated

Feel secure with a verified and validated solution

Rest assured that NobelProcera Implant Bars are thoroughly verified and validated. Every Nobel Biocare restoration is CE-marked, cleared with the US FDA and other regulatory authorities and fulfills all medical device requirements.

NobelProcera Warranty and Authenticity labels

Simplify your case documentation

We don’t charge extra for peace of mind, but we know it’s worth a lot. That’s why every NobelProcera Implant Bar comes with an authenticity label for your case documentation and to give to your patients. You can be confident that you’re getting an original NobelProcera product and that the traceability of each product is taken care of.

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NobelProcera fixed-removable portfolio

NobelProcera Implant Bars for fixed-removable restorations

Implant bars for fixed-removable dentures

NobelProcera offers the following titanium implant bar types for fixed-removable overdentures: Dolder®, Hader, Free Form Milled, Round and Paris bar. Our implant bars are available on Nobel Biocare and Straumann® implants, on Multi-unit Abutments or a combination thereof. Our Multi-unit Abutments are available on Nobel Biocare, Straumann®, Astra Tech®, Camlog® and Ankylos®. Want NobelProcera Implant Bars on other implant platforms? No problem with the NobelProcera Services.

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Retentive elements for NobelProcera Implant Bars


Choose from a wide range of attachments for your implant bars: Dolder® extension riders, Locator®, Hader clips and many more. 


Dr. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy – All-on-4® treatment concept in the maxilla and the mandible

Situation: Female patient, 62 years old, edentulous maxillary and mandibular jaw.

Solution: All-on-4® treatment concept using NobelReplace Conical Connection implants with guided surgery. Final restoration with NobelProcera Hader Bar in the maxilla and NobelProcera Zirconia Implant Bridge in the mandible.

View case (PDF, 576 kB)



Dr. Andrew J. Bock, DDS, US

"I see a number of advantages to working with NobelProcera Implant Bars. One is the accuracy: If I deliver an accurate cast for scanning, I know – without a doubt – that my bar will fit perfectly. Another is the removal of the tedious procedures with cast bars and the resulting deficiencies (i.e. no more cutting, soldering or breaking of welded joints, porosity etc.)."


Thomas Wade, CDT, US

"The NobelProcera Software allows us to access and provide a wide variety of solutions entailing many different types and styles of bars, customization features and attachments – all in order to better address the patient's individual needs."



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