NobelProcera fixed implant restorations

Provide maximum comfort and function with NobelProcera CAD/CAM implant bars and bridges for fixed dental prosthetics

NobelProcera implant bars and implant bridges for fixed prostheses

Offer maximum comfort and esthetics

Want to offer a fixed solution for maximum comfort and high esthetics? With NobelProcera you receive the precision needed for the success and longevity of your restoration. We offer screw-retained implant bridges as well as implant bars for fixed prostheses.

Why NobelProcera fixed implant restorations?

Fit of NobelProcera Implant Bar Overdenture on Straumann Std-Std Plus and Straumann Bone Level

Receive exceptional quality when it's indispensable

Precision of fit is critical to the success and longevity of multi-unit implant restorations. A forced fit can concentrate stress on one or more implants, which can cause the implant, screw or restoration to fracture. It can even trigger biological complications like bone loss or bacteria penetration. Thanks to the accurate scan data from the NobelProcera System, and our engineering, material and production expertise, you don’t need to worry about fit. We’ve got it covered.1,2,3

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Excellent esthetic results with NobelProcera

Cater for high expectations

Got another patient who is frustrated with their denture? Offer a solution that feels like natural teeth. Fixed solutions provide stability, retention and comfort. You can maximize esthetic results by selecting from various shades of zirconia. What’s more, the biocompatible materials and excellent surface finish optimally support the soft tissue.

NobelProcera output quality check

Reduce the risk of costly remakes

Ensure long-term stability as NobelProcera fixed implant restorations are milled from solid titanium or zirconia monoblocs.5,6 This eliminates porosity issues that are common with casting procedures. With the one-piece framework, you avoid any weakness that can creep in because of soldering or laser welding. High-strength material reduces the likelihood of extension breakage4, while using CAD/CAM instead of conventional casting ensures superior passive fit.1,2,3

Nobel Biocare All-on-4 treatment concept

Maximize your potential in the growing world of All-on-4®

Nobel Biocare’s pioneering All-on-4® treatment concept allows for exceptionally short treatment times and cost savings. At the same time it rapidly improves patients’ quality of life. NobelProcera restorations offer the precision of fit and stability needed to achieve these benefits.

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NobelProcera Warranty and Authenticity labels

Get peace of mind with our extensive warranty

We believe in the quality of the whole system – implant, screw and restoration. That's why our warranty covers both the restoration and the implant, including implants not from Nobel Biocare. You can impress your patients by providing the exclusive patient guarantee card you receive with every NobelProcera Implant Bar. But don’t forget, the lifetime warranty on your Nobel Biocare implants voids when using restorations that aren’t from Nobel Biocare.

NobelProcera restorations are all tested and validated

Feel secure with a verified and validated solution

Rest assured that NobelProcera Implant Bridges and Implant Bars are thoroughly verified and validated. Every Nobel Biocare restoration is CE-marked, cleared with the US FDA and other regulatory authorities and fulfills all medical device requirements.

NobelProcera Implant Bridge - Courtesy of Dr Eric Van Dooren, Luc and Patrick Rutten

Save time and money with an easy-to-maintain solution

Want to have easy access to the implants at all times? Screw-retained solutions allow for easy access to the implant in case maintenance is required. And that’s not all. You can avoid all risks associated with cement remnants by choosing a screw-retained implant bridge which does not require any cement.

NobelProcera Wrap around, Hybrid and Implant Bridge

Meet any budget

Fixed restorations don’t have to be expensive. You can help your patients save costs by reusing an existing denture and adjusting the bar to match it. You can also use prefabricated denture teeth for Wrap around, Montreal and Hybrid implant bars instead of veneering.

NobelProcera Warranty and Authenticity labels

Simplify your case documentation

We don’t charge extra for peace of mind, but we know it’s worth a lot. That’s why every NobelProcera Implant Bridge and Implant Bar comes with an authenticity label for your individual case documentation and to give to your patients. You can be confident that you’re getting an original NobelProcera product and that the traceability of each product is taken care of.

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NobelProcera fixed implant restoration portfolio

NobelProcera Implant Bridges

Screw-retained implant bridges

Want to restore with implant bridges? NobelProcera Implant Bridges are available in zirconia and titanium from two to fourteen units. You can restore on all Nobel Biocare implants, on Multi-unit Abutments or a combination thereof. Our Multi-unit Abutments are available on Nobel Biocare, Straumann®, Astra Tech®, Camlog® and Ankylos®.

NobelProcera Implant Bars for fixed dentures

Implant bars for fixed dentures

Looking to wrap acrylic and teeth around an implant bar? No problem. Whether you prefer a Wrap around, a Montreal or a Hybrid, NobelProcera has a suitable bar type for you. Our implant bars are available on Nobel Biocare and Straumann® implants, on Multi-unit Abutments or a combination thereof. Our Multi-unit Abutments are available on Nobel Biocare, Straumann®, Astra Tech®, Camlog® and Ankylos®. Want NobelProcera Implant Bars on other implant platforms? No problem with the NobelProcera Services.

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Dr. Andrew Dawood, UK – full-arch restoration

Situation: Male patient, 48 years old, presented with several painful and highly compromised teeth in both jaws.

Solution: Full maxillary reconstruction with NobelActive implants in combination with a precision-milled fixed NobelProcera Implant Bridge Titanium. In the mandible, replacement of teeth with NobelProcera Crowns Zirconia cemented to individualized NobelProcera Abutments Titanium.

View case (PDF, 872 kB)

Dr. Lesley A. David, Canada – immediately loaded full-arch rehabilitation using NobelGuide

Situation: 65-year-old male, edentulous in the upper jaw. The dentures were made six years prior.

Solution: In the maxilla, five Brånemark System Mk III Groovy implants and one NobelSpeedy Shorty implant were placed. As a final restoration, a NobelProcera Implant Bridge Titanium with acrylic teeth was chosen.

View case (PDF, 228 kB)

Dr. Edmond Bedrossian, USA – Fixed implant restoration of the edentulous maxilla

Situation: 73-year-old healthy female, unable to function with her existing maxillary distal extension partial dentures.

Solution: Removal of the existing maxillary teeth. Immediate placement of two NobelSpeedy Groovy and two Brånemark System Zygoma implants, followed by a provisional restoration with Immediate Function. A screw-retained NobelProcera Implant Bridge Titanium framework was chosen as the final restoration.

View case (PDF, 170 kB)

Dr. Rubén Davó, Spain – complete solution for severely resorbed maxilla and mandible

Situation: 60-year-old female with severe bone resorption of the upper and lower jaw with complete dentures.

Solution:  Brånemark System Zygoma and NobelReplace Tapered implants were used to rehabilitate the maxilla. For the mandible, the All-on-4® treatment concept was chosen. As a final prosthesis, fixed precision-milled NobelProcera Implant Bridges were chosen for both the maxilla and the mandible.

View case (PDF, 1 MB)

Dr. Paulo Maló, Portugal – All-on-4® treatment concept with NobelGuide

Situation: Totally edentulous female patient in her early 50s, rehabilitated with upper and lower removable dentures over 15 years prior.

Solution:  Fixed implant-supported bimaxillary rehabilitation using the All-on-4® treatment concept. The NobelGuide protocol (flapless) is followed in the maxilla and the conventional flap technique with the All-on-4® Guide is followed in the mandible. As a final prosthesis, fixed precision-milled NobelProcera Implant Bridges were chosen for both the maxilla and the mandible.

View case (PDF, 184 kB)

Dr. Andrew Dawood, UK – full-arch maxilla case with guided surgery

Situation: Male patient, 65 years old, edentulous maxilla, with request for a fixed restoration.

Solution: Full-arch restoration with six NobelReplace Conical Connection implants and a NobelProcera Implant Bridge.

View case (PDF, 2 MB)


Nobel Biocare interview with Greg Sederlin

Greg Sederlin, Cal Ceram Dental Lab Inc., CA

"The refinement and the weight of the NobelProcera Hybrid is surprising to say the least. The fit is superb. As a technician for 35 years and working very diligently to achieve superior results, all I can say is that my best results come close, but fall short, to what we can achieve with NobelProcera CAD/CAM."



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