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Removable yet firmly fixed

Removable overdentures supported by a CAD/CAM (NobelProcera) titanium bar anchored on four implants: a reliable treatment option for patients with moderate to severely resorbed alveolar ridge crests.

Bar retention is a close alternative to a fixed full-arch prosthesis when treating patients with severe resorption without bone augmentation. Pozzi et al.1 restored 18 consecutive patients with class IV-VI resorption (Cawood and Howell) with an anatomically designed CAD/CAM titanium bar and a removable overdenture, all supported by 4 NobelReplace CC implants.

The customized bars were designed using the latest NobelProcera scanner technology and precision manufactured at one of the NobelProcera innovation centers. At 1-year follow-up, 100% implant and prosthetic survival rates in both mandible and maxilla were reported. Excellent bone remodeling (-0.29 ±0.16 mm) was observed, suggesting that splinting the implants with a rigid connecting bar may contribute to a favorable pattern of bone remodeling.

Satisfactory soft tissue parameters (bleeding on probing: 11.1% of patients (n=2) around 3 implants (4.1%)) were also observed. Patients reported great satisfaction and significantly improved oral health-related quality of life as a consequence of the high stability perceived during the masticatory function. The authors attribute this to the bar design and its reduced rotational movements, to the level of a fixed prosthesis. 

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1 Pozzi et al., J Prosthet Dent. 2016; Epub ahead of print

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