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Why you should be using the NobelProcera Implant Crown

by: Daniel Rosa

For lab owner Daniel Rosa, the new NobelProcera Implant Crown has lived up to its claim to be “the crown that rules them all”. Here, he tells us why.

Nobel Biocare complete posterior solution

The NobelProcera Implant Crown is a key
part of the cement-free complete posterior solution (above).

Daniel Rosa


When I first heard about the NobelProcera Implant Crown I was immediately excited, and when I received the product I was not disappointed.

One of the first things that struck me was the accuracy offered by the NobelProcera production, right down to the occlusal detail. 

The only word that comes to mind is ‘exact’. Basically, whatever we design is then exactly transferred digitally and exactly reproduced back into the physical world in zirconia via the NobelProcera milling centers.

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In demand from dentists

There are a number of other full-contour zirconia (FCZ) options on the market, but there are a few elements that set the NobelProcera product apart. First and foremost, there’s the angulated screw channel (ASC) capability.

The response to the ASC from the clinicians I work with has been overwhelming, as it gives them solutions that simply did not exist before. Even with today’s best efforts and very accurate planning software, sometimes it’s just not possible to place the implant in the perfect location. Being able to change the screw channel angle by up to 25° means we can overcome esthetic and clinical difficulties.

The second major advantage is that, in being a monolithic restoration, porcelain chipping is completely eliminated from the equation.

I know some technicians have concerns about the esthetics of full-contour products like this, but I’d suggest they reserve judgment with this one until they’ve tried it. With creative staining techniques, the NobelProcera Implant Crown can be made to look good in most situations.”

NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown showing ASC funtion and titanium adapter

The ASC feature (shown left) allows the technician to angle  the screw channel by up to 25°. Plus, with a mechanically retained titanium adapter, the NobelProcera Implant Crown is completely cement-free.

With a mechanically retained titanium adapter, the NobelProcera Implant Crown is a completely cement-free solution; something which is also a distinct advantage versus other options out there.

We know from years of research and experience that having cement subgingivally is a bad idea – it’s a ticking biological time bomb in a lot of situations.

By eliminating the need for cement-retained crowns on abutments, it allows us to have a retrievable screw-retained restoration. The next very important point is that even the titanium interface is mechanically precision retained for a passive fit. This ingenious feature allows us to combine fit and strength where it is most crucial.

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NobelProcera FCZ Implant Crown in eight shades

The NobelProcera Implant Crown comes precision-made in eight different shades.

More than products

With Nobel Biocare it’s not just about products either. Over the years you very quickly learn who is an effective and supportive partner in business and who is not. I must say Nobel Biocare is one of the best. When it comes to products, marketing, research and education, it is as close to perfect as you can get.

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“A game-changer product”

In summary, to my fellow colleagues, all I can say is do not hesitate to get on board with the NobelProcera Implant Crown. The product is a must for any laboratory wanting to offer best-practice technology, it is the future now.

If you don’t get on board, you may just find your clients going somewhere it is being offered, as I believe the NobelProcera Implant Crown is somewhat of a game-changer product. Do yourself and your clients a favor!

Daniel Rosa is owner of Dental Solutions Lab in Springwood, New South Wales, Australia.

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