Nobel Biocare solutions

Designed, tested and proven as a complete system

The success of your restoration depends on the decisions you make even before you begin treating the patient. By using components designed to fit and function perfectly together, you can achieve a precise fit that will function safely and reliably for years to come. Everyone involved in the treatment process benefits from long-term clinical performance1, safety and cost-efficiency.

However if seemingly fitting substitute or low cost third-party components are used, the parameters governing system performance are no longer controlled. This increases the risk of complications and moves your case from a safe zone to the unknown.

Why precision fit?

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Designed as a complete system – Nobel Biocare

Designed for a precise fit

We test and research both individual components – and how they work together – as well as the entire system that they constitute. We also develop and scrutinize product design and manufacturing processes, and we carry out quality assurance, clinical research and post-market surveillance. Only with this approach can we be certain that the system will function safely and reliably for many years to come. 

Complete restorative system

1. Conical connection implants

The advanced internal conical connection is available on three different implant bodies for maximized flexibility.

2. Implant-abutment interface

Optimized interface for long-term performance. Conical connection with hexagonal interlocking offers high mechanical strength.

3. CAD/CAM prosthetics

NobelProcera offers precision-fit prosthetics, developed with CAD/CAM technology and high-quality materials.

4. Authentic clinical screw

The most appropriate screw type is delivered for every single implant-abutment system, ensuring a strong and stable fit for long-term performance.

5. Omnigrip screwdriver

The screwdriver's pick-up function and secure hold enable you to work safely, and the angulation helps when vertical space is limited. It delivers the right torque even at an angle.

6. Cement-free solution

Screw-retained restorations provide predictable retrievability, help avoid potential clinical complications linked to cement, and offer the added benefit of an angulated screw channel.*

Get peace of mind with a lifetime warranty


When using NobelProcera prosthetic components, you benefit from a lifetime warranty for your implants. NobelProcera restorations are covered with a comprehensive five-year warranty. Learn more about our warranty program

*Angulated screw channel available for NobelProcera ASC Abutment and Implant Crown.


1 Ekfeldt A, Fürst B, Carlsson GE. Zirconia abutments for single-tooth implant restorations: a 10- to 11-year follow-up study. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2016 Sep 24. Read more