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Tried and true

by: Frederic Love

Fifty years of experience makes for products and services you can trust and in everything Nobel Biocare does, from the design and manufacture of implants to the launch of new treatment concepts, nothing is left to chance.

The story is well-known by now, but no less inspiring for having been retold countless times. In 1965, Per-Ingvar Brånemark treated his first patient with titanium, bone-anchored implants. Then he spent 17 years conscientiously compiling and analyzing data on his first and following implant patients, before presenting the results to the world-at-large in an epoch-making dental conference in Toronto. 

Brånemark System implants served as the foundation upon which the company that first commercialized his discoveries was built.

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Science first

Nobel Biocare has honored the Brånemark heritage by subsequently introducing many more ingeniously designed, thoroughly tested and well-documented products over the years since then. To put it simply, at Nobel Biocare, science comes first.

Over the years, the innovations have been many. CeraOne ceramic copings, the Procera bridge, the Zygoma implant, the TiUnite surface, Immediate Function, the introduction of overdenture bars, the launch of the All-on-4® treatment concept, 3D diagnostics, guided surgery, not to mention the advent of the NobelActive implant and NobelClinician Software (from which the screenshot above was taken): These are just some of the many Nobel Biocare solutions that have become standards in the dental industry. 

What do all of these innovations have in common? Each and every one became available as the result of scientific research and development. 

Why is this so important? In the same way the conscientious dentist uses current scientific evidence to guide decision-making in his or her practice, Nobel Biocare makes decisions about which products to bring to market only after careful analysis of relevant scientific data related to the innovation at hand.

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In theory and in practice

Nobel Biocare supports a new paradigm for initial and continuing dental education, which is designed to incorporate current research—and the results of that research—into practice for the benefit of the dental patient.

For years—actually, for decades—Nobel Biocare has been providing tried and true products for innovative treatment modalities such as single-tooth solutions, multi-unit implant-based oral rehabilitation and the All-on-4® treatment concept. 

The company’s approach represents the integration of the best research evidence with clinical expertise—not only for the benefit of the patient, but the clinician as well.

Nobel Biocare has built its business and its reputation on reliable innovation, and lasting service. Rest assured, whenever you need professional products, advice or support, Nobel Biocare will be there for you.

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