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Страна: Нидерланды

E. Groenendijk

Ms. Edith Groenendijk (°1965) has years of clinical and scientific experience with reference to Oral Implantology. In 1989, she graduated as a Dentist at the Catholic University Nijmegen (the Netherlands). After working in her general practice at The Hague, for ten years, where she was mainly involved in Periodontics, total rehabilitation and the creation of supra-structures onto implants, she successfully finished the three-year post-academic training to become a Dentist-Implantologist at the ACTA. In December 2000, Edith Groenendijk obtained her Certificate of Master of Science, with reference to Oral Implantology. In January 2002 then, she opened her referring practice in Implantology at The Hague. She is currently involved to the full extent in Implantology: varying from pre-implantology surgery, like carrying out sinus floor elevations and corrective jaw surgery, to implanting and constructing supra-structures onto implants. At this, a wide range of indications is involved: from solitary (front) replacements to total bridges (done in 1 day). Besides a number of articles in Dutch specialist literature, in 2004, Clinical Oral Implant Research published a scientific article by Groenendijk et al.
In order to keep her colleagues updated on the actual possibilities through Implantology, Edith Groenendijk performs live surgery, and she also gives lectures and workshops with reference to Oral Implantology.Посмотреть все курсы этого лектора