Drill units – OsseoCare and OsseoCare Pro

Experience a completely new level of efficiency with the first drill motor ever to be operated by an iPad®

Two innovative models

OsseoCare Pro drill unit

OsseoCare Pro – much more than a drill motor

OsseoCare Pro is operated entirely through an intuitive interface on Apple's iPad®.

OsseoCare – precision in your hands

If you would prefer a workflow without the iPad® interface, the OsseoCare drill unit is the right choice for you.

Why OsseoCare?

OsseoCare Pro – much more than a drill motor

OsseoCare Pro is operated entirely through an intuitive interface on Apple's iPad®. During surgery, you can control and modify the speed, torque, irrigation flow and light intensity through the dedicated application. Available free of charge from the Apple App store,  the application also offers a built-in recording and exporting function. Check out the different app functionalities in more detail under the tab "The app".

OsseoCare – precision in your hands

If you prefer a workflow without the iPad® interface, the OsseoCare drill unit is the optimal choice. OsseoCare is a high-quality system with an intuitive interface and a straightforward  workflow. You have the option to customize drilling protocols to meet your needs.

  OsseoCare Pro OsseoCare
Fast and intuitive navigation
Unique iPad®-based user interface  
Clear tracking of protocol by multiple implant placement  
Recording and exporting of operation data  
Multiple-user log-ins for individual settings  
Link with NobelClinician Software  
The market's lightest and most powerful micromotor
Exceptionally small and light contra-angle head
Easy handling of peristaltic pump
Full control with foot pedal

The app

Available free of charge from the Apple App Store, the OsseoCare Pro application offers multiple customization options. In order to make the performance level of your system even better, we regularly add new innovative functions.

Enjoy an intuitive user interface

Define your own way of working. Control and modify all parameters including drill speed, torque value, irrigation flow, and light intensity.

Record your surgery

Manage all your recorded surgical data (export, print, share). You choose exactly what you'd like to document: torque values, drill speeds, lot numbers of the implants placed and much more. You can view and mail your report directly from the OsseoCare Pro iPad app.

Choose the drilling sequence

Tooth by tooth or drill by drill – it’s your choice. Thanks to the adaptable drill protocols, you can choose exactly how you'd like to perform the drilling sequence.

Start your surgery immediately with the quick drill functionality

If you don't need detailed information on the drill speeds or the implant torque values measured during surgery, you can opt for the quick drill functionality. In this mode, the recording feature is turned off which means that you avoid having to enter a lot of data before the surgery begins.

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Easily share the device among colleagues

Sharing the same device among colleagues in your practice is easy. Simply set up multiple unique user logins for secure access to each individual’s settings and planned surgeries.

Transfer data easily between NobelClinician and OsseoCare Pro

It's quick and easy to transfer data between NobelClinician and OsseoCare Pro. You can automatically set up your surgery based on the NobelClinician treatment plan, and when the surgery is done, you can simply send the report from the Osseocare Pro to NobelClinician to have all information stored one place. See how easy it is in this short video. 

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Experience an OsseoCare Pro surgery from start to finish

Experience the easy-to-use and intuitive iPad interface for yourself. This short video takes you through all the typical steps of an OsseoCare Pro surgery: setting up a user, planning and performing a surgery, placement of implants, and the creation of an extensive report – we demonstrate everything for you here.

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The hardware

Optimal handling and visibility

The small and light contra-angle head allows for easy access in areas with limited space.

The Kirschner-Meyer handpiece gives you the option to combine internal and external irrigation for optimal cooling. 

No shadow

See the site clearly with a double LED system that offers stable and natural lighting, even after the motor has stopped.

Easy handling of peristaltic pump

We've made it easy for you to install the sterile irrigation lines. Thanks to an insertion support, you can even do it with just one hand. The flow can quickly be adjusted between 30 ml and 150 ml/min via the app. 

High-quality ceramic ball bearings

The MX-i LED micromotor's ceramic ball bearings withstand high temperatures and are resistant to corrosion.

Stable torque and rotation speed

The Smart Logic technology constantly adapts power according to the desired speed. Even at very low speeds, torque and rotation are controlled to perfection.

Easy maintenance

The micromotor is lubricated for life and can easily be washed in a machine and sterilized with its cable.

Control the entire clinical sequence

The ergonomic foot pedal with three colored buttons gives you full control and the ability to easily switch irrigation on and off.


Dr. Luc Vrielinck from Belgium explains why he would not be without OsseoCare Pro in his clinic.

Dr. Luc Vrielinck, Belgium

"OsseoCare Pro is so intuitive and easy to use. I would not want to miss it in my practice." 

Dr. Peter Wöhrle from the USA explains why he chooses the OsseoCare Pro for his clinic.

Dr. Peter Wöhrle, USA

"The new OsseoCare Pro drill unit is my favorite implant motor on the market today. Coupled with the iPad it allows you to  record all surgical steps. The hand piece is well balanced and enables exact drilling. The built-in light source is powerful and can be adjusted just like the flow rate of the cooling liquid. It is reliable and I would not want to work without it in my clinic anymore."

Dr. Chris Marchack from the USA explains why he favors the OsseoCare Pro drill motor.

Dr. Chris Marchack, USA

"The OsseoCare Pro drill motor with the iPad and the OsseoCare Pro application, allow ease of use to place implants. The unit runs very smoothly and offers great control and feel. The application provides an easy setup and tracking. The OsseoCare Pro drill motor, together with the app, is truly different from all others!"

Prof. Alessandro Pozzi from Italy explains why he likes the recording functionality of the OsseoCare Pro drill motor.

Prof. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy

"The OsseoCare Pro drill motor has brought me the amazing experience of a digital implant workflow. With the recording feature I have easily created my own archive where I store all information related to the preparation of each implant site. What is more, the OsseoCare Pro drill unit increases safety for the patient and the overall efficiency of the implant treatment."



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