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Why we offer you so many products

by: Michael Stuart

At over 400 pages, our product catalog is not a quick read. Do we really need to offer over 3,000 items? We think so. In fact, we’re adding more all the time.

At first glance, seventeen different implant designs, each in different lengths and sizes might seem excessive. Not to us. Like everything we do, this selection is defined by the needs of two groups: our customers and their patients.

For every indication, treatment protocol and patient need

It’s our goal to offer all the dental solutions and treatment concepts you need from a single source. Whether you’re restoring a single missing tooth or a full arch, you can get the products you need from us.

And of course, today’s options are not necessarily the leading solution tomorrow. The reason we keep adding pages to our catalog is innovation – we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve your treatment results. In fact, we currently invest about 11% of our sales in research and development. This represents the highest level of investment among major companies in our industry. So that list of products won’t get shorter any time soon.

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The choice is yours

Tapered or parallel-walled implants? Prefabricated or individualized abutments? Having a wide product range is also about making sure you have precisely the products you feel will help you achieve great treatment results. Whatever your preference, we have everything you need for optimized function and esthetics. After decades of supporting dental professionals this also includes the instruments and tools you need to carry out each treatment step safely and efficiently.


Treatment planning in the NobelClinician Software

More than implants

With leading dental implants and prosthetic solutions, we’ve been offering the components you need to restore everything from root to tooth for some time. Newer additions to our portfolio now aim to take your treatment results to the next level.

Take, for example, our creos xenoprotect membrane, the first of the regenerative solutions that we launched in 2014. Research shows that creos xenoprotect has slower biodegradation and increased vascularization in an animal model than the market leader.1

Then there are the advances we’ve made in treatment planning. In the NobelClinician Software you can combine hard and soft tissue information from your (CB)CT scanner and the NobelProcera 2G System to visualize everything you need for your treatment plan at once.

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There no matter what

It’s our aim to design and produce products that last a lifetime. But, as you know, with so many variables involved in implantology, you may need to replace some items. If you ever need to revise a solution that was phased out years ago, you can still count on us. With sites around the world and an extensive replacement parts offering, we don’t see the purchase of one of our products as the end of a transaction, but the start of one.

So, there you have it, more than 3000 items and over 400 pages but just one goal: helping you to treat more patients better.

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