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Getting great results with the NobelProcera Implant Crown

by: Michael Stuart

When Australian lab owner Grant Davis first heard Nobel Biocare was adding a full-contour zirconia (FCZ) implant crown to its product range, he wasn’t sure it was needed. Now, his lab wouldn’t be without it, as he explains here.

Grant Davis

An experienced dental technician and lab owner, Grant Davis at Davis Advanced Dental Prosthetics in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia (pictured) has sold tens of thousands of zirconia abutments from many different companies. 

So when Davis heard Nobel Biocare was launching the NobelProcera Implant Crown, he had some reservations. These were soon dispelled, however, when he got his hands on the product. 

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“My first thoughts were ‘oh great, just another zirconia crown – do we need it?’ But then I was really surprised by how good the NobelProcera Implant Crown is, particularly in terms of esthetics.

 “I was also surprised how closely the returned zirconia restoration matches my design. It’s simple – if you do a great design, you get a great result.” 

"Loved" by dentists

For Davis, one of the most important advantages of the NobelProcera Implant Crown is that it can incorporate an angulated screw channel (ASC). This means the technician can angle the channel by up to 25 degrees from the axis of the implant, anywhere within a 360-degree radius. This can help with both access and esthetics, something that his clinicians appreciate. 

“The dentists love the ASC,” said Davis. It gets them out of all kinds of difficulty. They also like that it keeps the technician fee down as you don't need to cross pin.

“Previously, a cross pin was used to make the crown retrievable and cement-free when the access hole was at the incisal edge. Avoiding this saves a lot of technical time and therefore money.”


Quality, assured 

It’s not just the product features that Davis appreciates, but the reassurance and support offered to NobelProcera partners.

Peace of mind for Davis comes from NobelProcera’s promise of quality – a five-year guarantee on NobelProcera restorations placed on Nobel Biocare implants: “I really like the warranty that they come with, and the doctors like it too.

“Plus, the service from Nobel Biocare is fantastic, whether it’s talking to my clients and helping them or giving my staff or me help with software or other technical problems.”

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The NobelProcera Implant Crown comes precision-made in eight different shades.

A secret to success

While Davis only has positive feedback for the NobelProcera Implant Crown, he isn’t in a hurry to endorse the product to other lab owners, though his reason is not what you might think:

“I wouldn't recommend this product to other labs. I would like to keep it a secret as I don't want the competition!”

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