New NobelProcera Crown

Now available in multilayered zirconia


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NobelProcera Crown – Nobel Biocare

Lab technicians

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NobelProcera Crown – Nobel Biocare

NobelProcera Crown – Nobel Biocare

Where strength meets esthetics
NobelProcera Crown
— Monolithic material delivers strength.
— High-translucency of the material ensures that the crown blends in naturally with neighboring teeth.
— Multilayers help to create natural tooth shades easily, only final touches are needed.
— Full contour means that restorations come in their final shape, with great occlusal detail.

Benefits for clinicians

Choose the new NobelProcera Crown and provide strong and esthetic results for you patients.
— Straightforward daily routines. 
— Multilayered translucent material mimics the real tooth.
— Reduce the risk of veneer chipping, remakes and stress.
— Consistent NobelProcera quality – precision engineered every time. 

Benefits for dental laboratories

NobelProcera Crown
Strength and esthetics. We think it’s about time you had both, faster, and at a great price. Introducing the new NobelProcera Crown:
— Multilayering means it arrives ready for just your final touches.
— Save time as the exquisite occlusal details are already done.
— Reduce the risk of veneer chipping, remakes and stress.
— Design faster with powerful, intuitive CAD tools.
— Consistent NobelProcera quality – precision engineered every time.

What do patients think?

"Feels so natural"
"I had an 10+ year-old PFM crown on the first molar replaced with the full-contour zirconia tooth-based crown. I can say that the fit, function and appearance are indistinguishable from that of a natural tooth. The excellent fit of the crown along the gumline also gave relief to the aggravation caused by years of an ill-fitting, chipped PFM crown. Knowing the durability of the full-contour zirconia I don't worry about the crown giving me problems."

Kevin Boomsma, Zürich, Switzerland