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Nobel Biocare launches innovative iPad®-operated drill motor and highlights new clinical data displaying implant efficacy

  • Launch of new iPad®-operated OsseoCare™ Pro drill motor for more treatment efficiency and safety
  • NobelReplace® Conical Connection and NobelReplace® Platform Shift now available for NobelGuide™
  • Latest NobelProcera™ Software update significantly improves performance, speed and functionality
  • New 11-year TiUnite® implant surface data reaffirms longevity and performance
  • New clinical reports show excellent results for Nobel Biocare implants with conical connection
  • Nobel Biocare expert forum at EAO to discuss long-term and patient-oriented treatment approaches
  • Over 100 world-renowned experts to speak at Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013 in New York

Following the company’s mission, “Designing for Life,” Nobel Biocare continues its focus on helping dental professionals to treat more patients with superior solutions. At the 21st Annual Scientific Congress of the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO) in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nobel Biocare presents its latest product innovations, extensive clinical expertise and knowledge-building programs to support dental professionals in their patient treatment. For each step of the patient treatment flow – from diagnosis and treatment planning to surgery and finally prosthetic restoration – Nobel Biocare provides leading products and solutions to ensure maximum treatment safety, patient comfort and long-term success.

Launch of new iPad®-operated OsseoCare™ Pro drill motor for more treatment efficiency and safety

Keeping continuous improvement of treatment flow effectiveness and patient safety at the forefront, Nobel Biocare has now enhanced its surgical product line by launching the next generation drill motor, OsseoCare Pro. Much more than a drill motor, the new OsseoCare Pro is the first drill motor to be operated by an iPad®. Its intuitive user interface offers unique handling features providing clinicians and their patients with the highest treatment efficiency and security.

Available free of charge from the Apple® App Store, the OsseoCare Pro application delivers highly user-friendly operations during surgery and opens up numerous avenues in terms of customization options. For better planning and increased treatment safety, the intuitive iPad® interface makes it possible to plan and set up the treatment sequence prior to surgery. Pre-programmed free-hand and guided drilling protocols provide additional increased safety features. The speed, torque, irrigation flow and light intensity can be controlled and modified through the application which also offers a built-in recording and exporting function. Additionally, the app allows multiple-user log-ins for sharing treatment data between different clinical partners.

New features and functions will be added to the app and will be updated regularly to provide users with improvements as well as enhancing the performance of the system. In addition to the innovative iPad® interface, the MX-i LED micromotor is the lightest and most powerful on the market, while the contra-angle has an exceptionally small head for easy access in limited space areas. The contra-angle is equipped with a double LED system that ensures ample and stable lighting during surgery while the combination of internal and external irrigation ensures optimal cooling. The OsseoCare Pro is on sale now.

NobelReplace® Conical Connection and NobelReplace® Platform Shift now available for NobelGuide™

Nobel Biocare is a leader in developing safe and minimally invasive procedures like the NobelGuide guided surgery concept to better serve the surgical stage of the patient treatment flow. With the implementation of NobelReplace Conical Connection and NobelReplace Platform Shift into the NobelGuide concept, the digital workflow is now complete from treatment planning with NobelClinician Software to guided implant placement with NobelGuide for the entire NobelReplace Tapered implant family. In addition, new Guided Tissue Punches, a new Guided Start Drill and new Guided Counterbores have been added to ensure improved cutting performance and optimal soft- and hard-tissue management.

Latest NobelProcera™ Software update significantly improves performance, speed and functionality

Nobel Biocare is a CAD/CAM pioneer and was the first to offer fully-automated industrial CAD/CAM dental prosthetic production. The NobelProcera CAD/CAM system is a leader in innovative technology, materials and products delivering ready-to-use restorations in an outstanding quality for the prosthetic stage of the patient treatment flow. Building on its heritage and experience, the NobelProcera Software update 4.6 offers enhanced performance, more speed and new products. The first highlight is an improved crown and bridge software architecture which delivers increased efficiency with a faster full-contour cutback design functionality. An additional new feature gives users renewed workflow flexibility with the freedom to choose between conventional wax-up bridges or a CAD workflow, depending on preference. The last highlight is a new product, the NobelProcera Crown Zirconia, which now provides an adjustable surface contact for selective retention of fit and can additionally support more complex restorations.

New 11-year TiUnite® implant surface data reaffirms longevity and performance

The longest follow-up data for the TiUnite implant surface will be presented at EAO by Dr. Roland Glauser with an 11-year TiUnite publication. This new data is a follow-up to his publication in Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, “Implants with an Oxidized Surface Placed Predominately in Soft Bone Quality and Subjected to Immediate Occlusal Loading: Results from a 7-Year Clinical Follow-Up.” Dr. Glauser will report stable bone levels over 11 years, completely in line with his earlier findings.[1] These results follow two recent 10-year publications which also displayed TiUnite’s strong performance and long-term efficacy. Both studies were made available (ePub ahead) earlier this year also in Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research. The first from Drs. Marco Degidi, Diego Nardi and Adriano Piattelli and the second from Drs. Pär-Olov Östman, Mats Hellman and Lars Sennerby. [2],[3]

New clinical reports show excellent results for Nobel Biocare implants with conical connection

NobelActive, which had its new 3 mm version named “Best Product 2012” in the September issue of Dental Product Shopper, was the subject of a study recently published in The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants entitled, “Two-year Evaluation of a Variable-Thread Tapered Implant in Extraction Sites with Immediate Temporization: A Multicenter Clinical Trial.” The study showed that NobelActive can be used safely and effectively under demanding conditions such as immediate post-extraction tooth replacement. A cumulative survival rate (CSR) of 98.3% after two years was revealed after gathering data from six centers, 55 patients and 60 implants. Minimal marginal bone remodeling was shown in the first year followed by increasing bone levels thereafter. The mean marginal bone remodeling from implant insertion to one year was -0.22 ± 1.30 mm (n = 41), followed by an average bone gain of 0.12 ± 0.77 mm (n = 33) between 12 and 24 months. Mean marginal bone remodeling was -0.10 ± 1.38 mm (n = 35) from implant insertion to two years. A significant increase in papilla size was reported along with considerable improvement in patient assessment of function, esthetics and self-esteem.[4]

Two recent one-year follow-up reports for NobelReplace Conical Connection have shown excellent esthetic results and marginal bone maintenance. Dr. Robert Nölken and Professor Alessandro Pozzi both confirmed in separate reports the effectiveness of the tightly sealed conical connection for soft tissue health and reported well-maintained marginal bone levels after one year.[5]

Nobel Biocare expert forum at EAO to discuss long-term and patient-oriented treatment approaches

An impressive selection of leading industry experts have been assembled to discuss key topics in implantology at the Nobel Biocare Corporate Forum taking place during EAO on Thursday, 11 October, 16:45-18:45, Hall 2. The forum, “Designing for Life – Long-term and patient-oriented treatment approaches remain the key to success” is divided into three segments. The first, led by Dr. Bertil Friberg and Dr. Roland Glauser is titled “Concepts, materials and long-term outcomes in treatment for different indications and clinical situations.” The second part called “Esthetics and soft tissue health around implants – Outcomes for long-term predictability” is led by Dr. Egon Euwe and Mr. Patrick Rutten. The final portion of the forum led by Dr. Werner Zechner, Dr. Peter Moy, Mr. Patrick Rutten and Dr. Rubén Davó has a title that asks, “Improved Quality of Life – what are today’s state-of-the art solutions for the edentulous patient?”

Over 100 world-renowned experts to speak at the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013 in New York

Nobel Biocare will host the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013, from 20-23 June, in New York City. The meeting will take place at one of the Big Apple’s landmarks, the famous Waldorf Astoria. This four-day symposium offers dental professionals a unique opportunity to gain the full 360-degree perspective on how to treat more patients with better results. The symposium’s program will build on Nobel Biocare’s mission and is entitled, "Designing for Life: Today and in the future."

Over 100 world-renowned researchers, scientists, clinicians and academics will speak at the symposium and share their insights and perspectives as well as explore the possibilities of quality care today and in the future. The program offers the latest science-based knowledge and techniques available in implant dentistry and is designed to maximize the participants learning experience by building on the key factors for successful oral rehabilitation such as diagnosis and treatment planning, surgical and restorative treatment as well as patient follow-up. This much-anticipated event will cover how to effectively restore missing single teeth, multiple teeth and edentulous jaws and important clinical themes such as minimally invasive, graftless solutions, immediate replacement and function, soft tissue health and esthetics. The innovative program is guided by a Scientific Committee chaired by George Zarb with highly respected and international members consisting of William Becker, Charles J. Goodacre, Burton Langer, Jay Malmquist, Shohei Kasugai, Ye Lin, Friedrich W. Neukam, Eric Rompen, Massimo Simion, Daniel van Steenberghe and Bernard Touati.

More information about the latest products and events is accessible on the Nobel Biocare website which offers product information, first-user comments, course programs and much more. Registration for the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium is now open online.

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