Clinical Implant Program – enter a world of possibilities

Gain the skills you need to start placing dental implants

Clinical Implant Program - gain the skills you need to start placing dental implants

Did you know there are an estimated 3,600 million people in the world that are missing teeth? 

Yet perhaps even more shocking is that only 1.5% of missing teeth are treated. And then only about 10% of this small percentage are replaced with dental implants.1

Truth is, there’s never been a better time to start placing implants. With a large population of potential patients and proven benefits versus many traditional treatments,2 the opportunity to improve people’s lives is huge.

Clinical Implant Program – Nobel Biocare

Don’t just learn implant theory. Apply it.

Get ready for a blend of classroom and digital learning with hands-on training guided by expert mentors that puts you as close to clinical reality as possible – with options from models to pig jaws to cadavers. During the Clinical Implant Program you will learn and be ready to apply:

  • Accurate patient assessment and treatment planning
  • Predictable implant placement and restoration 
  • Meticulous monitoring of treatment results  


Receive guidance whenever you need it

Make your transition to implant surgery smoothly and safely with the
help of our expert mentors. With years of experience placing implants, they’ll be there to answer your questions and supervise as you master
the protocols.

  • Learn and train confidently with practical support
  • Access an experienced expert for advice
  • Avoid complications and difficult situations 


Incorporate implants into your practice

Develop skills in practice management, marketing and patient communication so you can effectively introduce implant treatment and increase patient flow at the same time.

  • Receive a development plan including, practice management and growth activities
  • Get support on new products and procedures
  • Work with practice marketing and patient communication tools

Start safely with digital tools

Clinical Implant Program - learn how to use digital tools

With the rapid evolution of digital dentistry, there’s never been a better time to start placing implants. Experience predictable implant placement right from the start using the latest advances in digital dentistry – from 3D virtual treatment planning to precision-made surgical guides. 

Experience the latest product innovations

Clinical Implant Program - access our extensive product range

Benefit from access to our extensive product range. Learn how to replace single-unit molars with confidence, thanks to products that allow easier access to the posterior as well as software and surgical guides that provide additional precision and predictability. 



Dr. Kyle Stanley


“I knew that dental implants would be the future of dentistry and I always want to be on the cutting edge. Once I got the hands on training and proper one-on-one attention, I was comfortable with placing my own implants. Now, implantology has become my passion! I have been able to successfully help so many patients who are missing teeth. It is very satisfying and has helped to grow my business.”

Dr. Kyle Stanley, Beverly Hills, California


“I have owned my own practice for 17 years. One and a half years ago I realized my vision of performing implant treatment. My main concerns were that it would take too much time away from other activities and commitments in my clinic, and intraoperative complications. In summary though, thorough preparation allowed me to have a confident start. It is never too late in your career to start installing implants.”

Dr. Anna Olsson, Åstorp, Sweden

Dr. Anna Olsson

1 Nobel Biocare estimates – conclusions based on several dental reports.

2 Al-Quran FA, Al-Ghalayini RF, Al-Zu'bi BN. Single-tooth replacement: factors affecting different prosthetic treatment modalities. BMC Oral Health. 2011;11:34.