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Slim Abutments - when it comes to esthetics, less can be more

by: Iñaki Gamborena

For implant cases in the anterior, the final esthetic result is of paramount importance to the patient. Nobel Biocare’s new Slim Abutments support incredible soft tissue results.

Slim Healing Abutments - when it comes to esthetics, less can be more

The implant driver for the slim abutment (on the right) provides the surgeon with a visual reference when placing the implant since it indicates the height of the slim temporary abutment imbedded on it.

As clinicians, we’re always looking for the best possible esthetic results for our patients, and our patients, of course, want exactly the same thing.

Perfecting the end result

Although effective implant placement and osseointegration are fundamental for a positive treatment outcome, the work we do with the soft tissue is crucial for the look of the final restoration. This is where Nobel Biocare’s new Slim Healing Abutment and Slim Temporary Abutment can play a leading role. 

Abutments are usually all designed the same way, with a focus on the prosthetic phase. They possess a wider diameter coronally to allow for easier impression taking and to recreate the diameter of the tooth from day one of the surgical phase. 

With the slim abutments, however, achieving high-end implant esthetics has been taken a step further, providing possibilities we never dreamed of before.

Maximum space, maximum esthetics

If I have a case where I’m placing a single implant in the anterior, and the availability of the soft tissue at the treatment site is limited, the narrow nature of the Slim Healing Abutment provides maximum space for soft tissue grafting. 

It enables me to graft crestally where it is needed most if I am to improve the papillary areas—not only vertically but horizontally too. This also helps me close the flap without tension for better healing. 

Being able to graft right around an implant propels surgeons and restorative dentists to another dimension of results, especially when prosthetic space is a limitation. 

An advanced solution

Of course, gingival grafts are not something all clinicians place on a regular basis. Though the Slim Abutments are simple in form and function, achieving the perfect result requires advanced techniques. This is a solution for those who are comfortable with soft tissue grafting. 

Having said that, those experienced in this area will find that the Slim Healing Abutment gives them space to manipulate the soft tissue with a level of freedom and flexibility that they won’t have experienced before. Once the soft tissue graft is in place, the protocol is the same as with other abutments. 

Soft tissue advantages

Made of titanium alloy, both the Slim Healing Abutment and the Slim Temporary Abutment are biocompatible, so there is no concern in this regard as the site is left to heal.

While the Slim Temporary Abutment gives you increased space for the soft tissue when a temporary crown is in place, the Slim Healing Abutment offers the same soft tissue advantages for a longer period of time. Thus you have different options depending on the case at hand and your personal preference. 

Satisfied patients

I’ve been working with these abutments for some time now, and I’m delighted with the results. More importantly, so are my patients. 

These are now my go-to abutments for anterior cases, where only the very best esthetic outcome will do. There isn’t another product like it on the market. 

For clinicians who are experienced in soft tissue grafting and who share my passion for high-end esthetics, I recommend giving the Slim Abutments a try. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by what you can achieve.

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