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NobelProcera Crown now available for 3Shape users

by: Michael Stuart

New multilayered full-contour zirconia solution available via open access partnership at no additional cost.

3Shape users can now add further strength, esthetics and precision to their portfolio with the NobelProcera Crown.

The first in a series of NobelProcera options in a new high-translucency multilayered full-contour zirconia material, the NobelProcera Crown possesses exceptional properties, combining high strength and durability with excellent esthetics. The multilayered nature of the restoration and the realistic occlusal detail mirror the appearance of a natural tooth and can help save time, as the technician need only apply final touches before delivery to the clinician.

Like all NobelProcera restorations, every NobelProcera Crown is precision engineered. Thanks to the open access partnership, 3Shape Dental System™ users can benefit from this consistent NobelProcera quality while still using their regular workflows and equipment – and at no additional cost.

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NobelProcera blank

Precision-manufactured NobelProcera abutments, implant crowns and implant bridges are also available to 3Shape users, as are innovative angulated screw channel solutions. All NobelProcera restorations are backed by an extensive warranty that covers both the restorations and implants, including implants not from Nobel Biocare.

To add the NobelProcera Crown to their offering, 3Shape users already benefitting from the open access to NobelProcera need only to update their libraries. 3Shape users not yet taking advantage of the open access partnership are invited to contact their local Nobel Biocare representative.

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