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Nobel Biocare enters regenerative field beginning with new resorbable collagen membrane, creos™ xeno.protect

Today Nobel Biocare launches its latest innovation, creos xeno.protect, beginning in European markets. This new collagen membrane will be part of a larger regenerative product line under the brand name “creos”. Additional products will follow in 2014.

“The introduction of creos xeno.protect emphasizes Nobel Biocare’s long-standing commitment to improving quality of life through innovation. It is a product that harnesses the ingenuity of nature to the benefit of the patient, while at the same time making life easier for the clinician,” said Nobel Biocare CEO, Richard Laube. “In simple terms, creos xeno.protect is a superior regenerative solution that supports clinicians in treating more patients better.”

Straightforward and practical

The creos xeno.protect resorbable porcine membrane for guided bone and guided tissue regeneration procedures has been designed to be very straightforward and practical in everyday clinical use. Clinical studies and early results from clinicians after an extensive prelaunch period confirm it possesses outstanding handling qualities, maintains its size when hydrated and is extremely tear-resistant.1 This means fewer problems when folding and unfolding, easier positioning without graft displacement and less risk of damaging – and therefore wasting – the membrane. It comes in three practical sizes (15x20mm, 25x30mm, and 30x40mm) to handle larger bone augmentations or smaller periodontal defects. The optimal fit can be found without extensive trimming which limits waste and minimizes costs for both clinicians and patients.

Excellent biocompatibility and vascularization behavior

The creos xeno.protect membrane has an extended barrier function that does not compromise on the established high industry standards for biocompatibility or vascularization behavior. It resorbs slowly, providing stable protection of the graft during the required healing period. As it is produced without any chemical cross-linking, creos xeno.protect offers excellent tissue compatibility for fast and predictable healing.

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creos™ xeno.protect 

1 Clinical studies, product information and first-user feedback are available at

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