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Benefits of precision-fit prosthetics – Nobel Biocare

According to a recent customer survey, our customers are most satisfied with Nobel Biocare conical connection implants and customized CAD/CAM abutments.1 We have collected feedback from some of our customers on why they are satisfied with – and choose to use – components that have been designed and tested to work together.

Dr. Glen Liddelow, Prosthodontist, Australia


"Using third-party components is like grabbing a carburetor from a
Ford and trying to stick it into a Mercedes; it just doesn't work."

Dr. Alexey Nesterov, Oral Surgeon, Russia


"Every detail counts, and using non-authentic components can jeopardize the overall treatment outcome."

Brent Ludens

Dr. Brent Ludens, Prosthodontist, United States

"I looked at the issues involved with using third party components, and I rejected their use with my patients because I could not be certain that they were suitable at the biological and mechanical levels. Placing a potentially inferior product – chosen solely on cost – on a premium implant would put my patients at unacceptable and unnecessary risk.

When I’m making an esthetic restoration in particular, I have found that no other implant company can match the quality of the final esthetic result that I predictably and routinely achieve with Nobel Biocare."

Annika Ahsberg

Dr. Annika Åhsberg, General Practitioner, Sweden

"For me as a clinician it’s very important to ensure the quality of the entire treatment, from the planning stage with CBCT and NobelClinician software, to the delivery of prosthetics and follow up.

Although compatible products may seem good enough, I’m convinced that authentic components provide the best results. Moreover, I appreciate the warranty. In case anything happens with the components, I know I will be covered. This support is only offered when using authentic components."

Scott McLean

Dr. Scott McLean, General Practitioner, Canada

"As a total solution provider I only use Nobel Biocare implant prosthetics. The focus of my implant practice has been quality of care to deliver quality of life. The commitment to excellence begins with using care-delivery protocols together with quality components. The longer I have been placing implants the more evident this has becomes.

A dental implant practice needs to be based on quality and long-term results. Using components that are designed to work together makes sense."

Dr. Mike Meek

Dr. Mike Meek, Prosthodontist, United States

“I would like to highlight the importance of using authentic components on premium implants. What that means is placing Nobel Biocare components on Nobel Biocare implants. I have successfully restored cases with NobelProcera components on Nobel Biocare implants that had previously failed due to use of third-party abutments.”


1 Nobel Biocare Global Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016.