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País: Holanda

P. de Kok

dr. Paul de Kok received his degree from the Univeristy of Amsterdam, at the dental faculty ACTA in The Netherlands. He currently works there as a clinical teacher, lecturer and as a researcher at the department of material sciences. As a board certified prosthodontist by the Dutch society of restorative dentistry (NVVRT) he teaches restorative and esthetic dentistry to the senior students of ACTA.
Dr. De Kok works as a prosthodontist in his private practice, the Clinic for Periodontology Amsterdam (KvPA). This referral clinic is a multidisciplinary dental centre focused on treatment of periodontology, implantology and prosthetic dentistry.
Paul is accredited member of the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, American Equilibration Society, Dutch Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and Dutch society of oral implantology (NVOI).
Finally, dr. De Kok is a frequently asked lecturer on the topics of restorative and esthetic dentistry.Ver los cursos de este ponente