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País: Estados Unidos

Paul Homoly

Dr. Homoly practiced implant and reconstructive dentistry for 20 years. His clinical career spanned an era of massive transformation in dentistry; implant and cosmetic dentistry, advertising, digital scanning, and so much more. What didn’t transform was the human nature of patients wanting to be well cared for. He spent the last 10 years in his practice developing a treatment acceptance process that offered implant patients experiences that signaled they were being well cared for. This work put his practice gross income in the top 1% of general practitioners. With 3 published books on treatment acceptance; Dentists: An Endangered Species, Isn’t It Wonderful When Patients Say “YES”, and Making It Easy for Patients to Say “Yes”, and an online program Making It Easy for Patients to Say “Yes”, his work spans the entire range of dental practices from solo general practitioners to all levels of private fee-for-service general and specialty practices. He additionally holds the highest earned designation in professional speaking from the National Speakers Association – Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Fewer than 15% of professional speakers hold this designation, and he is the first dentist world-wide to earn itVer los cursos de este ponente