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Aprende junto a expertos líderes en el sector de todo el mundo. Nuestros cursos lo cubren prácticamente todo, desde el diagnóstico y la planificación del tratamiento hasta los flujos de trabajo quirúrgicos y protésicos. También abordan algunos de los más complejos y progresivos protocolos para el manejo de posibles complicaciones.

Diciembre 2021

Zygomatic Implants: Changing the way you think and plan your upper full arch cases

Dic 04, 2021
Yorba Linda, CA, US
Dr Ankur Johri
Zygomatic implants, once thought of as a “bail out” procedure, have become a mainstay in full-arch treatment for the atrophic maxilla. Literature review supports longterm success of zygomatic implants. A traditional Allon-4® modality has limited applications in patients with severe atrophy or anteriorly pneumatized maxillary sinuses. Zygomatic implants can be placed to bypass the maxillary sinuses when there is inadequate dentoalveolar bone for conventional implants. With the assortment of Multi-unit Abutment options (now with Xeal™ coating) – restoration of zygomatic implants is easier than ever. With the DTX Studio™ software, planning of zygomatic implants and evaluation of critical anatomic landmarks can be performed prior to surgery. This modality results in high patient satisfaction due to its shortened treatment time and high predictably of immediate loading. The program will include a didactic and handson component. The surgeon will use the Nobel Biocare zygomatic implant surgical kit to place zygomatic implants on a skull model. The prosthetic components needed to take the case to completion will also be reviewed. After completing the course, the participant will... − Know indications for zygoma implants. − Select cases appropriate for zygoma implants both clinically and radiographically. − Understand the pertinent surgical anatomy in the zygoma region. − Plan zygoma cases using DTX Studio™ software. − Understand the zygoma surgical kit. − Understand the prosthetic parts of the zygoma system. − Practice the surgical placement of zygomatic implants on a skull model. − Understand the restorative technique for zygoma implants. − Manage post-operative complications.
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Nobel Biocare Training Institute
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Zygomatic implants from start to finish: Comprehensive overview of various surgical techniques

Dic 11, 2021
Mahwah, NJ, US
Dr Shuaib Malik
Traditionally, a severely resorbed maxilla with sinus pneumatization would need multiple surgeries including sinus augmentation/lifts and bone grafts to rebuild enough bone mass to create a sufficient foundation for traditional dental implant placement. In severely resorbed cases, zygomatic implants are the only possibility to rehabilitate the patient immediately. Zygomatic implants have been an evidence-based surgical and prosthetic solution since 1999. With the development of the zygomatic implant, the placement of Brånemark System® Zygoma implants has been simplified, which has eliminated the need for bone grafting altogether. Zygomatic implants are developed for the graftless approach in which the implant is directly loaded into the zygomatic bone bilaterally, combined with two to four conventional anterior implants loaded within the alveolar bone, allowing for immediate load and function of a fixed implant-supported prosthesis. Zygomatic implants have revolutionized traditional dental implant techniques and considerations for the severely atrophic patient minimizing surgeries, healing, and overall treatment time. This presentation will discuss critical factors from work-up and pretreatment planning to important considerations for providing an immediate fixed implant-supported restoration. Learning Outcomes: - Understand pretreatment planning, including considerations for the provisional prosthesis. – Be able to review anatomical and biological considerations of the maxilla and zygomatic bone. – Become familiar with and understand the three basic techniques for zygoma implant placement: inter-sinus, extrasinus, and extra-maxillary. – Go over recorded surgical video with live Q&A for detailed understanding. – Discuss management of complications and maintenance of zygomatic implants. – Be familiar with prosthetic solutions for zygomatic implants.
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Nobel Biocare Training Institute
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