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Your partner in prevention

Delivering solutions to help you
achieve peace of mind

Infection control

A series of information and best practices to minimize infections when treating patients.

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PeelVue™ Pro

  • Triple seal for increased strength​
  • Separate indicators for steam and EtO sterilization methods​
  • Notch to assist with opening of pouch after sterilization

VioNexus™ No Rinse Spray

  • Meets CDC Guidelines for Hand Hygiene
    in Healthcare settings
  • 72% alcohol by volume
  • No water or towels needed

Communications toolbox

Delivering supplemental resources to connect with your patients

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Compelling graphics

  • Social media templates
  • Graphics for your website
  • Staff education materials

Positive messages

  • E-mail templates
  • Website content
  • In-office materials

Nobel Biocare innovations

Solutions based on over 65 years of research and development in implantology


  • Preserve implant/abutment interface
    from the start​
  • Preserves and promotes tissue
  • Utilize authentic components to
    maintain lifetime warranty

DTX Studio™ suite

  • Our software modules are validated
    and have FDA 510(k) clearance
  • Patient data is encrypted and
    stored in a safe way
  • Allows for optimal patient experience: through fewer patient visits, less chair time & highly predictable treatment outcomes

Conical connection implants

  • Experience a strong and tight connection ​
  • Built-in platform shift designed to increase soft-tissue volume​


  • Uncompromised hygiene​
  • Stainless steel, designed for
    automated cleaning​
  • Securely retains instruments

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