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December 2022

Optimal treatment solution for the edentulous patient using the All-on-4® treatment concept: Including long-term maintenance and complications

Dec 03, 2022
Mahwah, NJ, US
Dr Ken Parrish

Completely edentulous jaws are a much more widespread handicap than most of us realize. Major barriers for solving the problem are the perceived complexity and high cost of treatment. With innovative new solutions, this no longer needs to be the case.

The All-on-4® treatment concept offers a viable and cost-effective implant-based solution for edentulous jaws that produces immediate patient satisfaction. This course will present a surgical and prosthetic overview of the All-on-4® treatment concept, including Immediate Function and full-case rehabilitation.

This course is designed for clinicians who are experienced in placing dental implants.


Learning outcomes

After this course, the participant will...

–      Be able to recognize proven alter-natives to grafts and sinus lifts.

–      Have adequate knowledge of affordable screw-retained prostheses.

–      Apply shortened treatment time leading to greater patient acceptance.

–      Be able to identify patient selection—indications and contraindications.

–      Be familiar with medication protocols and prosthodontic rehabilitation options.

–      Confidently implement the All-on-4® treatment concept as a business.

–      Appreciate the biomechanical strengths of tilted implants with passive and precise screw-retained restorations.

–      Understand the most common avoidable problems with fixed detachable restorations and how proper planning and execution can eliminate them.

–      Learn how simple it is to make precise full-arch impressions and to create biomechanically sound fixed restorations.

–      Use occlusion with a shock-absorbing material that protects the underlying implant components and bone interface.

–      Understand a biologically and mechanically driven protocol for maintenance of fixed detachable restorations.

–      Know when, and when not, to remove a fixed detachable restoration as part of a comprehensive maintenance protocol.

Advanced course
Nobel Biocare Training Insitute
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PiD Esthetic Group

Dec 09 - 10, 2022
Mahwah, US
Dr Ana Ferro
Dr Nicole Winitsky
Jutta Roberts
Dr Mathilda Qvarnstrom
Prof Jill Helms
Dr Susan Tanner
We end the year of 2022 with an amazing course at the Nobel Biocare NobelProcera® production & service centre in Mahwah, New Jersey, located just outside of New York. You will get insights and knoweldge in esthetic implant dentistry through a special educational program including lectures, hands-on training, workshops and discussions and also an exciting opportunity to explore the facility and experience the world-leading precision manufacturing of Nobel Biocare's NobelProcera® prosthetic portfolio. You will also get a great opportunity to share experiences with other female clinicians. We look forward to another unforgettable Nobel Biocare PiD EG course.
Fundamental course
Nobel Biocare Procera LLC

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