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Dental practice development

Dental practice development courses

It can be challenging to set your practice apart from the competition and to know what measures to take to increase patient flow, awareness, treatment acceptance and advocacy. There is a broad range of actions and tools to choose from and one solution does not fit all. The right practice development measures depend on the size of your practice, its location, patient profiles, the treatments you offer and your team.

Communication is key, and the behavior of the entire dental team affects treatment acceptance. From the moment a potential patient calls to make an appointment you have a series of events that can significantly impact their experience; from the assistant leading them to your treatment room to the way you discuss and demonstrate potential treatment options. These courses will give you the possibility to further develop your practice. Topics include:

  • Patient communication*
  • Case presentation
  • Marketing*
  • Clinical photography
  • Research in the clinical practice

Distinguish your practice from the competition and ensure your patients have a positive experience from the first to the final point of contact.

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