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December 2022

Improving Restorative Success with Implants Solutions

Dec 09, 2022
DePere, WI, US
Dr Matthew Hallas
This course is designed for restorative doctors who are looking to take the next step in implants restorations. With enhanced knowledge in esthetic implant treatment planning and available restorative options, we are in a better position to address both our patients’ esthetic and functional concerns. Proper clinical diagnosis, updated clinical techniques, as well as good laboratory support are essential to ensure long-term predictable outcome for these patients. This course will concentrate on the techniques and materials required to optimize implant restorations in the everyday practice. Outline I) Digital photography for the dental team A. Equipment and terminology B. Basic camera controls and settings C. Clinical application of digital photography II) Clinical assessment for anterior implant restorations A. Treatment planning 1. Implant position determination 2. Digital treatment planning: DTX Studio™ software B. Provisionalization options and techniques 1. Abutment selection and options 2. TempShell option C. Restorative options and material update 1. Custom abutment design considerations 2. ASC abutment interface III) Case presentation, discussion and patient expectations
Fundamental course
Lords Dental Studio
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Oregon Academy of General Dentistry - Implants for the General Dentist

Dec 10, 2022-
Jul 01, 2023
Tigard, OR, US
Thomas Eshraghi
Brad McAllister

This interactive course will include detailed lectures, hands-on surgical activities, implant protocol review, case presentations and live treatments.

Fundamental course
Oregon Academy of General Dentistry
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