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Single and multi-unit implant placement

Single and multiple-unit implant placement courses

Dental implant restorations are rehabilitation solutions that have the potential to last a lifetime when executed according to high clinical standards. For each case there can be several treatment options available, depending on the clinician’s experience and technical preferences, as well as the clinical status.

The clinical prognosis can vary according to the quantity and quality of available bone, esthetic requirements and risk of complications. These are just some of the factors that should be considered during diagnosis and treatment planning. Since there are numerous implant options and surgical protocols available, how can you identify the right approach for each patient?

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If you are new to implantology, the fundamental level courses are ideal to help you learn how to execute straightforward single and multiple-unit cases and to implement them in your practice. 

If you have already mastered straightforward single-unit cases, you can further develop your skills with advanced level courses addressing topics such as immediate implant placement and loading.

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We offer tapered and parallel-walled dental implant systems for anterior, posterior and edentulous indications. Implant systems include NobelActive, designed for high primary stability and esthetic excellence, NobelParallel Conical Connection, designed for exceptional versatility for universal use and the proven performance offered by NobelReplace.