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Hard and soft tissue management

Hard and soft tissue management courses

Our hard and soft tissue management courses share expert experience and techniques for vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation, soft tissue reconstruction and esthetic case management.

If you are already placing implants regularly and would like to broaden your competencies, higher level courses dedicated to hard and soft tissue management will help you advance in areas such as:

  • Bone biology
  • Bone formation and growth
  • Principles of bone and tissue regeneration
  • Sinus lift techniques
  • Papilla reconstruction around single implant sites
  • Procedures and materials used for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) in cases requiring minor ridge and soft tissue reconstruction.

If you are already experienced in these techniques, next steps may include courses supporting treatment of complex cases demanding:

  • Extensive ridge augmentation
  • Re-establishment of the vestibule after vertical and horizontal augmentation
  • Development of papillae for multiple implant sites in the esthetic region
  • Diagnosis and treatment of potential complications
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