NEXT GEN Nobel Biocare Symposium Nordics

April 23-24, 2015

Location: Stockholm, Yasuragi Hasseludden

Congress language: English

It's all in your hands

Has it ever crossed your mind that the interaction between your brain and your hands is what enables you to create the most fantastic result? You probably have, because without your deep knowledge of how to solve clinical challenges, and the dexterity of your hands, there would be no successful treatments and satisfied patients.

But have you given the same amount of thought on how to make the perfect environment for your mind & body to learn new skills? No? Well we have.

At our Nobel Biocare Nordic Symposium at Yasuragi Hasseludden you will get it all. Everything from theory to real hands-on training in an energizing environment. We have made sure that every detail is in place to optimize the learning outcomes for each given topic in the field of implantology. Experience excellent speakers, a focus on hands-on training and a beautiful and mind boosting environment, all combined with excellent Japanese food and, of course, a fabulous party. The stage is set for two days that will boost both body & mind as you learn new skills.

April 23: Main program

The next generation dental professionals are about to shape the dental landscape and build the future. Nobel Biocare is committed to give you the inspiration & knowledge to own your future clinical development within the field of restorative & implant dentistry.

The educational experience will come through learning, sharing & networkning with fellow colleagues and we are confident that the program will enrich your clinical life. Our program is designed for graduated dentists & dental technicians with clinical experience and ambitions to treat more patients better.


Program conferencier: Farid Khodabandehlou

Welcome & introduction

Deceived by the brain (Katarina Gospic, MSc, MD, PhD Cognitive Neuroscience)

Prosthetic-driven implant therapy - a team approach (Simon Kold & Robert Nedelcu)

Hands-on breakout sessions

Guidance & directions to achieve functional esthetic outcome (Eirik A Salvesen & Nicole Winitsky)

Spa, dinner & party from 18:00

April 24: Main program


Program conferencier: Farid Khodabandehlou

Interactive patient case discussion - what´s your opinion?

Speaker panel & audience

Hands-on breakout sessions

Soft tissue management for the single tooth rehabilitation (David Garcia Baeza)

Optimizing the esthetic outcome in daily practice (David Garcia Baeza)

Now it´s all in your hands!

Hands-on breakout sessions

You will be able to choose one hands-on breakout session per day. First come, first serve approach as seats are limited.


Implant surgery - get into reality on pig jaw

Eirik A Salvesen

Working on a pig jaw gets you as close as you can to reality in hard & soft tissue management. You will learn how to handle the tissue, raise a flap, prepare the site, place an implant, and finally how to suture. This session will also include bone regeneration with resorbable membranes in straight forward cases.

Next Gen 02.jpg

Implant surgery - improving confidence in hard & soft bone management

Simon Kold

Bone quality is one factor influencing the initial stability of the implant. You will learn how to evaluate the bone density and how to prepare the site for a safe and predictable implant place- ment. The practical training on models will also give you the understanding of different implant designs and their outcome in varoius bone qualities

Next Gen 03.jpg

Implant prosthetics - impression techniques to avoid pitfalls

Robert Nedelcu

The prosthetic outcome is closely linked to the quality of the impression technique. You will learn about materials & methods in analogue techniques to improve your impression taking, through theory and practical training on models. This session will also touch upon the digital option and its possibilites.

Next Gen 04.jpg

Implant prosthetics - how to design provisional restorations for improved esthetics

Nicole Winitsky

Provisional restorations can be helpful tools to support the formation of a natural and esthetic soft tissue around dental implants. You will learn how to efficiently work chairside with available temporary solutions, design a smooth contour, select materials and form the tissue for the final crown or bridge.

Next Gen 05.jpg

Digital treatment planning - prosthetic driven implant placement

Jill Depiazzi & Tinne van Delm

Get an insight of the integrated workflow and how the dental team together can treatment plan in a detailed 3D view. You will learn how to evaluate anatomical structures, identify the dental nerve, optimize implant placement based on prosthetic conditions and facilitate team communication by using the NobelClinician Software.

Next Gen 06.jpg

NobelProcera factory tour - dental team communication & precision in all steps

Ann André Bergmann

Close cooperation is a prerequisite for a successful treatment result. Learn how to communicate with your dentist/dental technician, which information is essential and what steps are important. During the live factory tour you will experience how your patient specific data are turned into an industrial precision driven production of individualized prosthetics.


Farid Khodabandehlou.jpg

Farid Khodabandehlou (Conferencier)

Received his DDS at Karolinska Institute in 2014. Dentist at Folktandvården in Örebro, Sweden. Former President of the student body of the Swedish Dental Association.

Ann André Bergmann.jpg

Ann André Bergmann

Dental technician & ceramist from Malmö, Sweden. President of Swedish Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Member of AACD and mentor in Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group.

Tinne Van Delm b&w.jpg

Tinne van Delm

MD Electrotechnical Engineering. Earlier at Medicim, a company focusing on medical image computing solutions. Currently Global Product Manager for NobelClinician Software at Nobel Biocare in Zurich.

Jill Depiazzi.jpg

Jill Depiazzi

Certified Dental Clinical Assistant with clinical experience in a Specialist Implant Prosthodontic application. Global Product Manager for NobelGuide at Nobel Biocare, Zurich.

David Garcia Baeza.jpg

David Garcia Baeza

Implantologist with MSc in Oral Biology from Madrid, Spain. Associate Professor in Periodontics & Assistant Professor in Esthetics. Runs a multidiscipliary dental practice in Madrid.

Katarina Gospic.jpg

Katarina Gospic

Katarina Gospic, MD, Scientist (Ph.D) and M.Sc in Physiology from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. Katarina has been a neuroscientist and wrote her Ph.D. within the field of neurobiology, decision making and emotional regulation. Now she is running the company Brainbow Labs with the mission to spread more knowledge about the brain. Frequently invited brain expert on TV & radio.

Simon Kold_transp_bw.jpg

Simon Kold

Dentist from University of Aarhus, Denmark with a curriculum in implantology from University of Frankfurt. Owner of a dental practice in Herning, Denmark, specialized in implant therapy and digital dentistry.

Robert Nedelcu b&w.jpg

Robert Nedelcu

Prosthodontist working at Specialist centre Skanstull in Stockholm. Affiliated researcher in digital prosthetics at Karolinska Institute. Focusing on comprising prosthetic patient cases.

Eirik Aasland Salvesen_ny grey scale.jpg

Eirik A Salvesen

Periodontist from University of Bergen, Norway. Partner at TSMG Madlagården in Stavanger where he serves as the Director of the TSMG Specialists and the TSMG Academy.

Nicolw Winitsky b&w.jpg

Nicole Winitsky

Prosthodontist at the department of Juvenile prosthetics at Eastman Institute, a specialist centre in Stockholm. Researcher with focus on long term results of dental implants in young adults.

Venue and social event

Next Gen 07.jpg

The Japanese sign Yasuragi expresses harmony and inner tranquility. At Yasuragi Hasseludden, nature, body & soul are in harmony in a tangible way. After an intense day of learning the Spa area will be open for you to relax & energize your mind. Yasuragi has been elected ”Spa of the Year” in SpaStar Awards and also recieved the Spa industry award 2014 by the association Swedish Spa hotels.

More info 

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Later in the evening you will be treated with a tasteful Teppanyaki buffet specially selected by the Yasuragi Chef´s and after that you can enjoy mingling & dancing throughout the night. We believe this evening will become a memorable experience.


The registration fee includes: accommodation at Yasuragi Hasseludden April 23, the 2-day scientific program, 2 hands-on sessions, energy breaks & lunches April 23-24, spa, dinner & social event April 23.

Symposium - shared double room (with other NEXT GEN participant) 5'625.- SEK incl. VAT

Symposium - single room 6'125.- SEK incl. VAT

Symposium - without room 5'625.- SEK incl. VAT