Prosthetic rehabilitation courses

Clinicians want to meet patient expectations and provide dental prostheses with good esthetics and long-term clinical performance. And from a single missing tooth to edentulous cases, whether on teeth or on implants, there are many prosthetic possibilities available.

Prosthetic rehabilitation courses

The right education level for your needs

These prosthetic rehabilitation courses are designed for clinicians who want to offer the latest implant-based restorative dentistry. You will explore:

  • The biology of hard and soft tissue.
  • Implant loading concepts.
  • Digital diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • CAD/CAM solutions.
  • Available restorative components.
  • Properties and esthetics of different materials.
  • Considerations when developing the implant site.
  • The importance of implant design in implant selection.

If you are new to prosthetic rehabilitation, you will find in our fundamental-level courses the information and training necessary to start restoring straightforward single-implant cases.

If you are already experienced with single-implant restorations, you can further develop your skills by learning to identify the best materials and procedures for each clinical situation, to help ensure the desired strength and esthetics in more demanding single- and multiple-unit restorations.

Discover CAD/CAM-produced restorative options in zirconia, alumina, lithiumdisilicate (LiS2), titanium, CoCr and acrylics. The displayed range includes single- and multiple-unit fixed restorations, and cement- and screw-retained restorations.

Learn from our experts how to plan flexible and predictable prosthetic rehabilitation using the latest materials and digital tools.

Dental prosthetic rehabilitation courses | Nobel Biocare

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We offer screw- and cement-retained CAD/CAM dental crowns and bridges as well as implant bars, and a wide range of temporary and final prefabricated abutments. Several of our products support the angulated screw channel solution. We also offer additional services for labs, such as outsourcing the scan and design of implant bars.

Dental prosthetic rehabilitation courses | Nobel Biocare