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Dental implant regeneratives webinars

Latest tips and tricks for bone and soft tissue regeneration

Catch up on the latest webinars with expert advice on regenerative solutions.

/ May 27, 2021
TiUltra implant surface

Evidence matters – Highlights from 2019 scientific literature

Implant dentistry is a continually evolving field and, in 2019, Nobel Biocare unveiled several major innovations – all backed by scientific evidence. At Nobel Biocare,...

/ December 16, 2019

Regenerative solutions for clinical success

Professor Werner Zechner, a specialist in bone grafting, implant surfaces and guided implant placement protocols, summarizes his experiences with creos regenerative solutions.

/ April 11, 2018

Promoting new bone formation

Tissue dynamics and regenerative outcome in two resorbable non-chemically cross-linked collagen membranes for guided bone regeneration: A preclinical molecular and histological study in vivo.

/ April 4, 2018

Thumbs up for creos xenoprotect

The full results of a study highlighting the efficacy of the creos xenoprotect membrane are now available via open access.

/ February 20, 2018
creos xenoprotect

First class handling – Just one benefit of creos xenoprotect

After introducing the creos xenoprotect resorbable collagen membrane into his practice, Dr. Antoun was kind enough to share his experiences.

/ February 16, 2016
dental collagen membrane

High marks for easy handling

Find out what Dr. Bastian Wessing from Aachen, Germany has to say about his experiences with creos xenoprotect.

/ January 27, 2015