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TiUnite implant surface

Science matters

We have summarized recent key scientific findings on implant surfaces, definitive abutments and drilling influences.

/ September 17, 2018

Why a precision-fit implant-abutment interface matters

We discussed the implant-abutment interface with Prof. Dr. Karl to learn more about why precision matters and the risks of overlooking it.

/ November 2, 2017
implant abutment stability

Non-original abutments are “a lottery that you cannot win”: research into micromotion at the implant-abutment interface

The NobelProcera implant-abutment interface showed low initial micromotion and a better dental implant stability in a recent study.

/ September 27, 2017

“Manufacturer matters”

In a new study, Professor J. Robert Kelly tests the fatigue behavior of zirconia implant abutments from four major manufacturers.

/ December 5, 2016

Why you should not reuse a healing abutment

Healing of the soft tissue in the oral cavity has been under thoughtful study recently. In this article, the authors explain the significant influence the...

precise fit abutment

The very definition of synergy – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

When assessing any implant-supported restorative solution for a patient, one has to keep in mind that the entire system under consideration is only as strong...

/ September 30, 2015