The full results of a study highlighting the efficacy of the creos xenoprotect membrane are now available via open access.creos xenoprotect

A randomized controlled clinical trial confirmed that creos xenoprotect, a resorbable, non-cross-linked collagen dental membrane, facilitates bone gain to support implant placement in dehiscence defects.

These findings, published in the peer-reviewed Clinical Oral Implants Research, are relevant for dental clinicians as they support creos xenoprotect as a scientific-evidence-based choice to meet all their guided bone regeneration (GBR) needs.

In a double-blind, multicenter, prospective study, Dr. Bastian Wessing and his colleagues placed implants to support single restorations in 49 patients, with bone augmentation material placed at dehisced implant sites. This material was immobilized with either creos xenoprotect (Nobel Biocare) or the reference membrane, Bio-Gide® (a registered trademark of Geistlich Pharma AG).

The results show the efficacy of creos xenoprotect in facilitating bone augmentation and non-inferiority to Bio-Gide®.

For more details about the study and a direct link to the online report in Clinical Oral Implants Research.

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