Mechanical complications associated with angled screw channel restorations.

Angulated screw channel solution

Angulated screw channel (ASC) solutions:

  • Overcome the esthetic challenges of screw-retained restorations in the anterior
  • Improve occlusal access in the posterior
  • Eliminate the risks associated with excess cement

In this clinical study,1 Greer and coworkers examined the clinical performance of Nobel Biocare ASC abutments and crowns at a British dental hospital.

Sixty patients received a total of 84 single-implant restorations between 2014 and 2016. NobelProcera ASC crowns were used in 90% of restorations and NobelProcera Full Contour Zirconia crowns in the remainder. The clinic successfully used ASC restorations to replace single crowns in a broad range of applications. In 96% of patients, no prosthodontic complications were seen. When issues did arise, these were similar to those that affect conventional implant-retained solutions: one loose screw attributed to under-torquing, one ceramic failure due to poor occlusal management, and one implant failure.

The conclusion was reached that Nobel Biocare ASC abutments and crowns, when used with Nobel Biocare Conical Connection implants, offer a reliable alternative to traditional cement or screw-retained restorations.

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  1. Greer et al., Int J Prosthodont. 2017

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