Do not underestimate the importance of soft tissue maintenance to successful dental implant outcomes.

On1 Concept - soft tissue management

The On1 concept is an innovative modular solution that connects the surgical and prosthetic workflows. The On1 Base connects to the implant at surgery and stays in place throughout the lifetime of the restoration, leaving the soft tissue undisturbed for optimized healing.

Peace of mind and ease of use

For the surgeon, the On1 concept offers the flexibility to use any of three different implant systems with internal conical connection—NobelActiveNobelParallel and NobelReplace.

It also offers peace of mind that only precision-­engineered Nobel Biocare components can be used for the restoration, removing the risks associated with an ill­-fitting or non-­biocompatible third-­party abutment.

For a restorative clinician, the raising of the connection to tissue-­level not only ensures no interference with the soft tissue during healing, it also simplifies the placement of the restorative components. There are benefits for the patient too, as the On1 Base can also prevent the discomfort previously associated with the recurrent exchange of components such as healing abutments or impression copings.

Restorative flexibility

Two height options provide the flexibility to select the On1 Base depending on the thickness of the soft tissue, and even change the base if the clinical situation requires it. In contrast to the use of traditional tissue-­level implants, this makes it possible to optimize short­ and long-­term esthetic outcomes.

In summary, the On1 Concept is much more than a new abutment line: it’s a new restorative approach, created to support soft tissue healing and address the clinician’s desire for flexibility and ease of use.

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Posted by James Mack