TiUniteThis landmark study1 compared the clinical outcomes of anodized (n= 23,306) and machined implants (n=43,680).

The results show that machined implants have a 2.82 times greater probability of failure compared to anodized implants (p<0.0001). The survival superiority of anodized implants was shown in both jaws, maxilla and mandible, and attributed to the enhanced osseointegration induced by the anodized surface. Bone remodeling was equivalent, with a non significant 0.02 mm mean difference between implant groups.

The meta-analysis confirms that the use of implants with anodized surface (TiUnite) has the advantage of superior survival rates, without sacrificing long-term bone maintenance.

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  1. Chrcanovic et al., J Oral Rehabil. 2016; Epub ahead

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