PDL contributes to bone healing

The biological environment of immediate placement

In this, the first of a three-part series, Dr. Helms discusses our best current understanding of the biological environment into which implants are placed.

/ January 1, 2017

NobelZygoma – “A step forward for the zygomatic approach”

Dr. Rubén Davó discusses the evolution of zygomatic implant treatment, its advantages and his experiences with the new NobelZygoma implant.

/ December 19, 2016

NobelActive 3.0 – an implant for tight spaces

Narrow diameter dental implants—usually defined as anything under 3.5 mm—boast remarkable inherent promise. In theory, they make it possible to treat almost all cases involving...

/ December 18, 2016

“Manufacturer matters”

In a new study, Professor J. Robert Kelly tests the fatigue behavior of zirconia implant abutments from four major manufacturers.

/ December 5, 2016

TiUnite – implant surface matters

Statistically powered results confirm survival superiority and bone maintenance equivalence of TiUnite implants.

/ November 30, 2016

How CBCT can improve your treatment plan

Imaging is a critically important aspect of diagnostics and treatment planning when placing dental implants. High-quality, accurate images collected at the presurgical stage can yield...

/ November 21, 2016
immediate loading

Immediate placement – Immediate loading

A Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) consensus conference on the rehabilitation of missing single teeth held at the University of Mainz, Germany,deemed immediate placement and...

/ September 26, 2016
dental practice management

The basics of growing your implant practice

Differentiation and patient satisfaction are the key ingredients for practice growth. Same-day implant solutions can offer both.

/ May 18, 2016