Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2020 is postponed to early 2021 due to the coronavirus. However, our mission to help you advance at every level never stops. Keep up to date on upcoming event announcements, and discover our other training opportunities around the world.

We are delighted to unveil the hands-on and masterclass training taking place at the Global Symposium 2020. Held at the event in Las Vegas, April 16–18 2020, the sessions center around multiple areas of implantology, including Immediate Function, edentulous treatments, esthetics, digital dentistry and practice management. Ultimately, all with the objective of helping you treat more patients better.

Once enrolled for General Admission, you can secure your seat. Here are just a few of the upcoming hands-on and masterclass sessions.

Current clinical and technical protocols for immediate implant placement in extraction sockets

Speaker: Joseph Kan

Achieving anterior implant esthetics is a challenging and demanding procedure. To create implant restorations with harmonious gingival contours that emulate nature is a fusion of science and art. Understanding the biologic and physiological limitations of the soft and hard tissue will facilitate predictability in simple to complex esthetic situations. Learning objectives: This hands-on will focus on current implant treatment philosophies and methodologies for immediate tooth replacement in the esthetic zone with connective tissue grafts. The attendees will also learn how to integrate snap abutments for provisionalization. Read more

True versatility for edentulous cases with All-on-4® treatment concept and NobelPro Line™

Speaker: Paulo Malo

This course will teach you the skills and know-how to treat challenging and complex edentulous patients using the All-on-4® treatment concept surgical protocol and the specially designed NobelPro Line product range. Giving you a comprehensive overview of the advanced All-on-4® treatment concept, this course focuses specifically on how to solve clinical complications, like cases with lack of bone volume in the posterior mandible and poor bone quality in the posterior maxilla, which implants are best for each case type, and mastering the approach when it comes to highly skilled cases that are not eligible for the hybrid and extra-maxilla approaches. This will give you the tools to improve your understanding of the technique with advantages for you and your patients. Read more

Immediate placement in the anterior regions: Modern strategies for idealizing the prosthetic result

Speaker: Giacomo Fabbri

Immediate implant placement has been a predictable and strategic procedure for the past two decades. Also in the esthetic areas this technique can represent the ideal approach in many clinical situations. However the success of these treatments involves strict clinical evaluations both from the prosthetic and surgical points of view. The prosthetic assessment and planning should guide the surgical procedure in order to achieve an integrated prosthetic-driven treatment plan that will influence many surgical parameters. Nowadays the concept of a “biologically driven emergence profile” is a crucial factor in order to achieve excellent and stable results. This concept considers 3 main aspects: 1) materials, 2) morphology and 3) clinical approach including both surgical and prosthetic facets. This session aims to describe and show step-by-step this procedure in the treatment of the esthetic segments. Read more

Dynamic navigation – Hands-on workshop on how to efficiently plan, present and place implants

Speaker: Jonathan Ng

X-Guide is a novel approach to high precision, high efficiency implant surgical placement that incorporates digital planning and true digital execution of dental implant therapy. The ability to see in real-time the 3D position of handpiece, drill and implant is what truly allows for the highest accuracy implant placement modality. See how efficiently and effectively the use of CBCT provides invaluable benefits for implant surgery. The essential last piece of a fully digital workflow, the critical understanding of this technology, will be discussed in detail and shown. Read more

Building confidence in hard and soft tissue management in the esthetic region

Speakers: Markus Blatz, Iñaki Gamborena

The goal to create a harmonious “esthetic” outcome around dental implants that mimics the surrounding dentition and soft tissue condition as well as morphology is indeed difficult to create and maintain long term. In this presentation, a comprehensive approach to optimize functional and esthetic results with immediate implant placement and immediate restoration by blending surgical, technical, and restorative steps into one successful protocol will be presented thoroughly. Immediate surgical and restorative protocols facilitate superior esthetic and functional success. However, strict guidelines for atraumatic intervention, implant primary stability, bone packing, connective tissue graft and preservation of existing anatomic structures must be carefully followed. Digital planning plays a fundamental role to achieve such a desired results.
Learning objectives:

  • Become familiar with the tools necessary to master the technique within the NobelActive® implant system
  • Ideal implant placement using surgically guide stents computer based the different options and the importance of mastering the laboratory steps
  • Sequencing and timing to master the immediate implant placement from prosthetic planning to surgical execution Read more

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You can enroll during registration for General Admission, or later by following the personalized link in your confirmation email. It is also possible to enroll on-site during the event depending on seat availability.


Posted by Magda Brodziak