As 2018 comes to a close, we are preparing for a momentous year ahead at Nobel Biocare. For implant dentistry, 2019 is going to be a year like no other, and we can’t wait to bring dental professionals from around the world on that journey with us.

But before we start the new year full-steam ahead, we mustn’t forget what a great year 2018 has been. From launches, to celebrations, humanitarian work and more, there is a lot to look back on.

We wish our loyal clinicians, lab technicians and partners across the world happy holidays, and best wishes for a promising new year.

DTX Studio™ meets X-Guide™

One of our most exciting announcements this year has been our new position as sole distributor of X-Guide. This is truly cutting-edge technology in digital dentistry – like GPS for freehand surgery, the system features real-time 3D guidance of the drill position and anatomy. It has proved captivating for visitors at events around the world.



X-Guide was one of the top highlights of industry events around the world

X-Guide 3

In the UK, X-Guide has been getting some amazing reviews – here’s Dr. Richard Brookshaw putting X-Guide into action performing All-on-4 surgery

X-Guide 4

Professor Alessandro Pozzi demonstrates X-Guide at the Professional Club in Rome, Italy

Celebrating 10+ years of NobelActive™

An implant like no other; a unique implant design that is often copied, but never equaled. Of course, NobelActive. This year we celebrated 10+years of clinical experience with this groundbreaking implant.


Image courtesy of Dr. Jose Manuel Ruess

You can see NobelActive as work of art. Literally. Perhaps the artistic creativity of dental professionals isn’t appreciated enough; but the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry is overcoming that with is photography competition. And this year, the winner was Dr. Jose Manuel Ruess, with this mesmerizing shot of NobelActive. “I am a NobelActive believer and use it in many challenging cases, in particular in stability challenging situations such as immediate placement” – Dr. Jose Manuel Ruess

NobelActive™ 2

At EAO Congress, Dr Tristan Staas shared his experience of NobelActive – how it transformed his practice and even his own career in implantology.

NobelActive™ 3

Celebrating 10+ years of world-renowned NobelActive has grabbed attention in many ways in many places.

NobelActive™ 4

On the Nobel Biocare blog, Prof Alessandro Pozzi shared a NobelActive clinical case, which showed an excellent soft-tissue response and stable marginal bone level around the implant at 10-year follow-up. See this clinical case in full.

Mastering the extreme of edentulous treatment

The first ever clinician to successfully treat a patient with All-on-4® treatment concept, Dr. Paulo Malo, announced new training and education at the very highest level using the NobelPro Line product range for challenging edentulous cases. Some of the most advanced clinicians, as well as those taking edentulous treatment to the next level, will have a new opportunity to develop their skill even further in 2019.

All-on-4® treatment concept, Dr. Paulo Malo

A new splash of life with NobelPearl™

For practices looking to offer their patients an alternative to titanium, Nobel Biocare launched a system at the vanguard of the evolution of all ceramic implant solutions – NobelPearl.


NobelPearl™ 2

The Germany, Austria and Switzerland team celebrate our first 100% metal-free implant system at the Dental Experience Center – a celebration that warrants cake!

NobelPearl™ 3

Dr. Polina Kotlarenko, Vienna University, discovers the latest addition to the Nobel Biocare implant portfolio at the Nobel Biocare Dental Experience Center.

Taking Trefoil™ on a humanitarian mission

This year, the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) joined forces with Dr. Kenji Higuchi and Dr. Ruben Rosenburg for a truly inspirational dental mission to Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. This remote island has just one resident dentist, Dr. Felipe Collao, and in his experience a high incidence of edentulism amongst the older population had become apparent. Drs Higuchi and Rosenburg teamed together on a mission to change more patients’ lives, completing 11 surgeries and 11 prostheses in under one week.

Drs Kenji Higuchi and Ruben Rosenburg arrive for a unique humanitarian mission to Rapa Nui

Trefoil™ humanitarian mission

Drs Kenji Higuchi and Ruben Rosenburg arrive for a unique humanitarian mission to Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island.

Trefoil™ humanitarian mission 2

A team of surgeons, a prosthodontist, nurses, lab technicians and patient support completed Trefoil treatment for 11 patients in less than one week.

Trefoil™ humanitarian mission 4

Trefoil™ humanitarian mission 5

Eleven surgeries were performed, and eleven full-arch definitive restorations were placed in less than one week using the Trefoil system.

Surface science – TiUnite sets the standard again

In 2018, world-leading expert Professor Ann Wennerberg, Gothenburg University, also published important findings of her systematic review comparing dental implant surfaces. Her findings reaffirmed the reliability and predictability of implants with the anodized surface, when compared to four other surface solutions. Presenting the findings at the EAO Congress Corporate Forum in Vienna, Wennerberg was also joined by fellow expert, Dr. Peter Schüpbach, Switzerland, exploring the history – and the potential future – of dental implant surfaces.

Professor Ann Wennerberg, Gothenburg University

EAO Congress Corporate Forum in Vienna

At EAO Congress, Professor Ann Wennerberg presents the findings of her systematic review comparing implant surfaces. Dr. Peter Schüpbach explores the science, the history, and the future of dental implant surface.

Posted by Chris Kendall