Increasing competition in the dentistry is putting virtually every dental practice under heightened pressure these days. Each member of the treatment team—both inside and outside the practice—manages a wide variety of crucial challenges at every step of the patient’s journey. Drawing on Nobel Biocare’s vast experience and resources, the company offers easily available, valuable tools to its partners in practice.

Partnering with Nobel Biocare isn’t just about benefitting from innovative products and solutions. It’s also about collaboration – collaboration with the company, of course, but also with a variety of dental specialists and laboratory technicians – all for the sake of increasing treatment efficiency. When well-conceived and executed, joining forces this way creates a virtuous circle. More patients can be treated better, and professionals have the opportunity to grow their business faster.

Applicable to virtually any team network, and based on decades of experience, Nobel Biocare has developed a partnering model that includes a portfolio of resources. Access to the tools is available through Nobel Biocare sales representatives and the MyAccount online portal (in a dedicated section called either the “Practice Resource Center” or “Lab Resource Center” depending on your profession).

Practice Resource Center

Everything you need – All from a single source

Captivating images, animations, customizable flyers, presentation materials and much more are available in the Practice Resource Center. These attractive and engaging materials can be used to produce a winning website, compelling mailings and successful social media content, all designed to reach potential patients effectively.

Disclaimer: Direct-to-consumer marketing may be strictly prohibited in some markets. Please take appropriate legal advice before initiating any direct-to-consumer marketing activities.

The Practice Resource Center provides tools that foster good marketing practices; encourage visual and brand coherence; and promote patient education, professional training & education, and network collaboration. The point of all this? To increase patient awareness, boost patient inflow, improve treatment acceptance and cultivate patient advocacy.

In the Practice Resource Center, you will learn how to increase practice exposure by marketing your practice online and offline. Here you can also get tips on how to improve treatment acceptance by enhancing treatment planning and patient communication for every member of the team.

Word of mouth

Make no mistake about it, satisfied patients and successful treatment outcomes are the result of a well-educated treatment network and practice team. Hosting events for your treatment partners together with your laboratory technicians will increase patient flow and open up crucial lines of communication within your professional network. Everyone involved gains knowledge of innovative protocols from the treatment network. Higher patient satisfaction and predictable outcomes are the goal.

As the name suggests, MyAccount is a personal online portal. Once registered, customers can login to access not only the Practice Resource Center—which is customized for each individual market—but also a personal record of orders, invoices and scheduled courses.

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Posted by Chris Kendall